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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Bonita Springs?

With the numerous parks and preserves surrounding Bonita Springs, it is more important for residents to take extra care to spot tree issues early. From hungry insects to unfortunate diseases to storm damage, several factors can lead to tree problems for our community forests. Some of the most common tree issues in Bonita Springs include: 

Lethal Bronzing Disease (LBD)

First identified in the Tampa area, LBD has been spreading across southern Florida, including confirmed cases in Lee County. The lethal disease is caused by a phytoplasma infecting the palm tree’s sap. While LBD cannot survive outside the plant, planthoppers, and leafhoppers feeding on infected sap transmit it to neighboring trees, leading to extensive outbreaks. Once an infected tree is identified, removal is the only option because current data suggests that no antibiotic injections can reverse the symptoms of the disease. Early signs of LBD include premature fruit drop or brown and dying inflorescence. As LBD progresses, you will see discoloration of the oldest leaves to the youngest leaves. The last stage of LBD is the collapse of the spear leaf, which indicates a complete decline of the tree. 

Citrus Canker

A disease attacking citrus trees in Bonita Springs is citrus canker. The bacterium Xanthomonas axonopodiscauses citrus canker to enter the tree’s leaves through stomata. Young leaves of grapefruit, lime, and lemons are most susceptible to the disease. Once infected, the tree loses its leaves and drops fruit prematurely. You can identify citrus canker by looking for raised brown lesions with a yellow halo on the tree’s leaves, stems, or fruit. 

Does the City of Bonita Springs Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While the City of Bonita Springs does not provide any assistance to residents for tree removal, the city does have ordinances to help protect our trees and the city’s environmental quality. Article VIII, Sec. 7-233 states that “any person to remove, injure, disfigure, or destroy a tree” will be in violation unless a tree removal permit has been obtained. The only exception is when there is a declaration of a state of emergency and the city manager suspends the code’s enforcement to help expedite the removal of storm-damaged trees to keep the public safe. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Bonita Springs?

When a tree falls in Florida, it depends on whether the tree was alive or dead to determine who is responsible for its removal. The Florida Fence and Property Law Handbook defines the property owner’s responsibility for trees on their property to help residents in Bonita Springs determine who handles fallen tree removal. While fallen tree removal concerning your own property is clear, there are some situations when you may wonder who is responsible for tree removal and any associated expenses. To help clear it up, we’ve listed when the issue arises with homeowners, renters, landlords, and neighbors. 

If you’re a homeowner?

If a tree growing on your property falls on your property, it is your responsibility to have it removed and cover any related removal costs or repairs. Chalk up fallen tree removal as another maintenance task that you must take care of as a homeowner in Bonita Springs. However, your homeowner’s insurance may help with some costs for removal or repairs for damages the fallen tree caused. Therefore, you should check with your agent to determine your out-of-pocket expense for fallen tree removal. 

If you’re a renter?

If a tree falls on a property you are renting, you should contact your landlord or property manager immediately. As a renter in Bonita Springs, you do not have to worry about tree removal costs. It is the responsibility of the property owner to handle the tree’s removal and any associated expenses. 

If you’re a landlord?

If a tree falls on your rental property, it is your responsibility as the landlord to remove it from the property. As a landlord in Bonita Springs, you must handle the maintenance and care for trees on your rentals, including fallen tree removal. While you can receive extra income with rentals, you must handle expected and unexpected repairs or maintenance tasks. If you own rentals with trees in Bonita Springs, it is a good idea to regularly check the health of the trees to ensure you don’t become hit with an unexpected tree removal bill. 

If you’re a neighbor?

If a tree falls on a neighboring property in Bonita Springs, it will depend on the tree to determine the party responsible for its removal. A tree that was alive and uprooted due to high winds and lands on a neighbor’s property, the neighbor where the fallen tree ends up is responsible for handling removal costs and any related damages. However, if a dead tree falls across a property line, the property owner will cover the cost for tree removal where the tree was originally growing.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Bonita Springs?

Soil holds moisture and provides trees with the required nutrients to thrive. Therefore, the soil type is an important factor affecting trees in Bonita Springs. The soil in Bonita Springs is sandy and poorly drained. It is often very to moderately acidic, with a pH ranging from 3.5 to 6.0. The area’s soil is a disadvantage during periods of extensive rain because the poorly draining soil can lead to root issues with our community’s trees. The high acidity levels also limit the availability of certain nutrients, which hinders the tree’s lifespan. The loose soil in Bonita Springs means that when hurricanes and high winds hit the area, there is a higher likelihood of uprooted or displaced trees. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Bonita Springs?

The area’s tropical climates result in long, wet summers, and short, mild winters. Hurricanes are also a major concern for this city located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Locals often refer to Bonita Springs as having two seasons: wet and dry. An extensive amount leads to flooding while the lack of water leads to drought conditions, with both instances affecting the tree health in Bonita Springs. While many native trees have adapted to unpredictable weather conditions, newly planted trees are prone to become stressed in these conditions. With environmental conditions affecting the health of trees in Bonita Springs, it is important to choose tree species successfully grown in the city in the past, when adding to your home’s landscape.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Bonita Springs?

Since fallen trees and branches can cause power outages, you should report any dead trees near overhead power lines to Florida Power and Line. As the electric company serving the residents of Bonita Springs, they will safely remove the potential hazard. FPL also maintains a line clearing program to help keep power lines free from tree branches and vegetation growth and keep the power on for Bonita Springs residents. 

You should never attempt to remove or trim trees near power lines, as specially trained line-clearing professionals should be the only ones working near high voltage lines. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Bonita Springs?

The cost for tree removal in Bonita Springs can range from around $480 to thousands of dollars. Most homeowners in Bonita Springs spend an average of $575 when removing a tree from their property. The varying cost is because there are several factors considered when doing a tree removal job in the area, including: 

Tree Size

Whether you have a small tree that must be removed due to storm damage or a diseased mature tree, the quote for removal will vary significantly because of the equipment and time required to do the two different jobs. For example:

  • Small trees, such as ornamental pear, apple trees, or hawthorn, may cost around $100-$300 to remove.
  • Medium trees, such as elm or maple, may cost around $300-$700 to remove. 
  • Large trees, such as oak or zelkova, may cost around $700-$1,000 to remove. 
  • Extra-large trees, such as pine or tulip trees that range in heights from 700-100 feet, often require specialized equipment and experienced professionals. Therefore, extra-large trees cost a significant amount more than other tree removal jobs, ranging from around $1,100-$1,800. 

Urgency of Tree Removal

Since Bonita Springs often experiences storm surges and hurricane damage, tree removal emergencies happen. For expedited removal situations, you can expect your quote to be higher than for routine tree removal services. While sometimes an urgent removal is required, such as a fallen tree on your home or blocking roadways, other times, you can wait until typical working hours and days to have a tree removed to save money on your removal bill. 

Location of the Tree

The location of a tree that needs to be removed greatly affects the price of its removal. For easily accessible areas, tree removal is often more affordable than for areas difficult to access. Also, if the tree has fallen on a building or structure, it can increase the removal quote because of the limited use of the equipment and increased risk of something going wrong during the removal process. 


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