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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Milford?

As a coastal town, Milford takes pride in its outdoor opportunities. In your yard, there’s a diverse selection of trees and other greenery. The trees that we see most often in the area include:

  • Red Maple 
  • Black Birch
  • Eastern Hemlock 
  • Sugar Maple
  • Northern Red Oak 
  • Beech 
  • Eastern White Pine 
  • Black Cherry 

These are all beautiful trees that can grow and thrive in the area. However, sometimes, something goes wrong, and a tree needs to be removed from your Milford yard. We often hear homeowners wonder what went wrong. Here are a few of the most common tree issues that we see around Milford:

Storm Damage

Milford doesn’t see as many hurricanes and tropical storms as Florida. However, it’s located on the Eastern Seaboard, and there are a few that make landfall in the area every few years, such as Hurricane Sandy. 

Tropical storms and hurricanes bring devastating wind speeds that can tear a tree out of the ground or knock it over—the average wind speeds of a tropical storm and hurricane range between 39 mph and 153 mph. 

Along with the high winds, these storms bring a deluge of rain. If a storm “stalls” in your area, flooding becomes a real threat to your family, home, and trees. Fast-moving water can displace a tree or leave its roots soaking in water for days and weeks to come. 

After one of these storms passes, our team is always ready to evaluate the trees in the yard of your Milford home. 

Winter Temperatures

In the winter months, you enjoy a white wonderland, but all that snow comes with frigid temperatures. The area sees almost 29 inches of snow each year, and the average temperatures hover in the mid- to high-20s. The low temperatures can create a hard freeze in the soil of your Milford home. 

The cold temperatures freeze the moisture in your soil and make it difficult for a tree to get the nutrients it needs to continue growing. Some trees, such as evergreens, can weather cold winters without much trouble. However, younger trees and other species struggle with these temperatures and lack of nutrients.

In the spring, you expect your trees to flourish and to begin growing again. Some trees may appear to start growing again, but a portion of the tree has died and no longer process nutrients. Eventually, the entire tree in your Milford yard will die. 

Our team is always ready to check on the condition of your trees and help you make an informed decision for their treatment or removal. 

Insect Damage

While bugs and other insects play a role in the ecosystem, they can be catastrophic for the trees in your Milford yard. Insects might make a home in your trees or decide to feast on them. An insect infestation is a problematic situation for trees. 

Here are a few of the most common insects that we see in the Milford area:

  • European Gypsy Moth
  • Asian Gypsy Moth
  • Asian Longhorned Beetle
  • European Cherry Fruit Fly
  • Spotted Lanternfly

A pest infestation isn’t always confined to a single tree. If you catch a bug problem early, there are treatments available to combat the pests and restore your tree to health. Look for the signs of an infestation when you spend time outdoors. The signs include:

  • Insects or other pests are crawling on a tree.
  • Holes or channels burrowed into the bark.
  • There are missing patches of bark on the trunk.
  • The tree has stunted growth or a withered appearance. 
  • Leaves with holes or a distorted, discolored appearance.

Call us quickly if you think you have a tree with a pest problem. 

Does the City of Milford Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Milford has easements on private property that extends up to 10 feet into your yard. If a tree needs to be removed within this area, the City takes care of it. Otherwise, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to remove the tree. All homeowners are expected to call the Tree Warden to determine if a tree is on the City’s easement or their property. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Milford?

While a tree sitting on public land is removed by the City of Milford, a homeowner is expected to remove the one on private property. You need to call the Tree Warden to verify if the tree is on public or private land before removing them. 

If You’re a Homeowner?

When the tree is on private property, it’s the responsibility of the Milford homeowner to remove it. There are some cases when the tree sits on an easement owned by the city, and the city will remove the tree. There is a Tree Warden that you can contact to determine whether the tree is your responsibility or the City’s job. 

If You’re a Renter?

You might rent a Milford home and take care of the yard work. However, a large job, such as removing a fallen tree, is the homeowner’s responsibility, even if the rental agreement specifies that you take care of the landscape maintenance. You are responsible for letting the homeowner know if you see a problem with a tree in the yard as soon as you notice it. 

If You’re a Landlord?

As a landlord, you’re the Milford homeowner too. Even when you have a renter who takes care of the yard work, you’re responsible for the big jobs. One of these jobs includes the removal of a fallen tree. The tree might sit on an easement in some cases, and the City will remove it for you. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

We see many cases where a tree falls into more than a single yard in Milford. Who takes care of it? It depends on which yard the tree grew in. If it grew in your yard, then it’s your responsibility to have it removed. We always advise homeowners to talk to their neighbors when this happens, no matter which of you is responsible. It can help you maintain a friendly relationship with your neighbor. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Milford?

We see Windsor soil type most often in the Milford area. This soil type helps the water from rainfalls and snow to drain pretty quickly. You’ll find the trees in your yard, and a personal garden grows well in this type of soil. You also won’t see your trees suffering from root rot too often. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Milford?

Yes, the weather in Milford can have a significant effect on the health of your trees. These extreme winter temperatures can leave your trees without the required nutrients for weeks and months. Some trees may return after the winter thaw, but others might not. 

Also, the occasional tropical storm or hurricane might hit Milford due to its location along the Atlantic Ocean. These storms bring winds strong enough to knock a tree over or put it up by its roots. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Milford?

If there is a dead tree near a power line, it’s probably on an easement owned by the City or the power company, making them responsible for removal. A tree on private property is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove, and we can help!

You don’t want to approach a dead tree that’s lying on a power line. It’s always best to call emergency services in this dangerous situation. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Milford?

Every homeowner we talk to in Milford wants to know exactly how much it will cost to remove a tree before we even arrive at their house. We won’t know the exact cost until we do. Tree removal costs in the area range between $543 and $737 on average, with a typical low cost of $200 and a typical high cost of around $2,100. Here’s a look at a few factors that affect the price:

Tree Removal Permit

Milford has a Tree Warden in the Public Works department that needs to approve all tree removals and issue a permit. This process takes extra time and might increase the cost of tree removal. 

Size of the Tree

Tall and wider trees require additional time and care to remove without putting our team at risk or the possibility of damaging your home. Tree removal is a delicate process that starts at the top of the tree and removes it in sections. 

Wood Chips

Many Milford homeowners want us to remove the tree and put it through a wood chipper. These wood chips make excellent mulch that you can use around the rest of your yard. To do this, we need to bring the chipper with us. It also takes additional time.  


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