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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Enfield?

Trees in Enfield, like the weeping willow, cherry, hemlock, and yew, grace the forested areas of the town and provide energy-saving shade to the homes and businesses. However, there are diseases, pests, and conditions that affect the trees that reduce their health and growth. Some even kill the trees. Winter injuries, drought, root rot, bacteria, and fungi all present health issues that can stunt, defoliate, and maim trees. Insects like Emerald ash borers and gypsy moths defoliate and bore into the wood and destroy the trees from the inside.

Does the City of Enfield Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

As a city, Enfield does not provide financial assistance to private homeowners for the beautification or removal of trees. It does, however, have the grant to beautify the public areas of town. The America the Beautiful Grant Program allows those interested in planting, inventorying, or teaching about the trees access to funds to help pursue their goals.

Fallen trees because of storms can pose a large hazard to homeowners and neighbors. If assistance is needed to remove a fallen tree, the first action that needs to be taken is to contact the home insurer. Once a claim has been made, it can be easier to obtain the assistance of a tree service. If the tree has fallen due to a naturally recognized disaster, FEMA may be of some assistance.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Enfield?

Accidents and disasters happen frequently and usually at the worst possible time. There is never a good time to deal with falling trees, but when it does happen, it is helpful to know who is responsible for clean-up and repairs. If a tree falls over property lines, who is responsible, the homeowner, renter, landlord, or neighbor?

If you are a homeowner?

Homeownership carries a large weight with house cleaning, maintenance, lawn care, and tree care. Improper care of the land can cause ordinance fines, death of vegetation, infestation, and spread of tree disease. Should a diseased or dead tree fall, the homeowner will be liable for damages for neglecting the tree. If the tree is healthy, the homeowner is only responsible for their own property’s damages and clean-up. Most insurance companies will investigate the health of the tree before finishing a claim and issuing financial assistance.

If you are a renter?

Rental properties are the responsibility of the landowner or landlord. Depending on the specific terms of the rental agreement, renters may not be responsible for maintenance tasks outside. Tree care is considered a maintenance task and should be under the landlord’s responsibilities. Renters are responsible for maintaining their home cleanliness, repairing damages done by residents and guests, and keeping the landlord informed about the property condition.

If you are a landlord?

Landlords have the same ordinances and responsibilities as a homeowner except for in-home care and renter’s damage. Unless the contract specifically states that the renter is responsible for the maintenance and clean-up of trees on the property and the repair of damages caused by a fallen tree, then it is the landlord’s responsibility. Landlords will be required to maintain the property when a renter is not occupying the home, as well as make sure the home continues to meet city ordinances.

If you are a neighbor?

When a tree falls over property lines, there is a question if the neighbor should be responsible for the damages, injury, or clean-up of the tree. There are two answers to the query. If the tree is healthy, yes, the neighbor will be responsible for the debris and repair of their own property. If it can be proven the tree was unhealthy, the tree’s owner may have to shoulder the financial burden. Trees may be trimmed by a neighbor if the overhanging limbs or encroaching roots pose a hazard to their property, but care must be taken to not kill the tree.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Enfield?

The soil in Enfield is rich for farming crops like fruit trees, tobacco, and ornamental trees like Christmas trees. The well-draining loamy soils make an excellent base for saplings to grow their roots. The ample nutrients and ease of the growth of the roots through the soil allow the trees to anchor deep underground and provide a sturdy base from which to flourish. Some species may need pH adjustments for thriving, but generally, the native trees grow tall and strong without extensive care.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Enfield?

Enfield’s wet and cool climate can cause trees some problems like over-watering, root rots, and increased fungus. Being near the Atlantic coast brings the threat of tropical storms, hurricanes, and other strong wind occurrences that can uproot or snap trees. Harsh winters with deep snows threaten to cause damage to trees through premature frosts snapping the warm saps, cracking bark, and breaking weak limbs. The snow provides a great resource for kick-starting the summer growth after it begins to thaw.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Enfield?

Trees are organic vegetation that can conduct enough electricity to electrocute those who touch a tree that is empowered by a live power line. Never climb a tree that has a line running through it. Never attempt to prune a tree that is near a power line, electricity can arch up to ten feet away. Eversource will provide trained professionals to trim or remove hazards from around lines that run between poles. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact a professional to remove or trim trees near lines that run to the home. You can request an assessment and tree trimming on their website. Never attempt to prune or remove a tree within 25-feet of a power line without contacting the utility companies beforehand.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Enfield?

Much like any other professional work, costs of tree removals vary depending on the company and services requested. Companies pay their employees varying rates based on experience, education, and certifications. This cost is reflected in the labor rates. Removing trees also requires estimates of height, girth, number of trees, as well as additional services needed. Safety factors will increase the final bill, as extra equipment or crew may be necessary to complete the task. The average cost of removing a small tree near Enfield is $620.


When working with saws, heavy equipment, and heights safety is of the utmost concern. There will be additional costs to cover the removal of a tree that has electric or cable lines, is too close to home, has pipes running underneath it, or is too far away from a suitable road. Heavy equipment like cranes or tractors may be necessary to move or load the tree into a heavy truck for hauling. Specialists may need to be present if the tree poses any sort of health problem or danger of contacting electric or water lines. Each additional crew member and piece of equipment carries with it a portion of the cost for the final bill. Equipment must be maintained for future use and the crew must be properly compensated. Arborists have their own fees for maintenance and extermination after the trees are removed.


How many trees? How tall? How big is it around? In what condition? These are the first questions that will be considered in the estimation of the work to be done. Trees are removed in five-foot sections, first the limbs then the trunk. Each section has to be lowered down by rope after the climber secures and makes the cut. The price rises with each five-foot section. It is more difficult to cut a wider tree than a narrower one, but a narrower tree is more treacherous to climb. Both will add or subtract different rates, but mostly rounder trees will add to the cost. The health of the tree is a major concern. It can determine if the tree can be climbed, if cutting the tree can be more dangerous and if the tree will break apart while being lowered. Due to the extra safety concerns related to dead, infested, or decaying trees, specialists and extra equipment may need to be summoned.


Not all tree services offer the same thing. A basic removal service will cut the tree and stack the large wood pieces on the property. This leaves you with a stump, limbs, and large pieces of wood that will either need hauled away or cut down. Either can cost extra and may require hiring another company if the original does not offer these services. Stump grinding has three major considerations when discussing the topic with the tree service.

First, the price of removing the stump can run at $300 on average. Second, you will need to have options to cover and landscape the hole. Some offer sodding services to repair the hole. Third, the remaining roots of the tree need to be treated to prevent any further growth. Limbs can be chipped for mulch or ease of removal, but the required equipment and manpower will require an additional fee. The large pieces of the trunk can be hauled off the property for a fee or be cut into usable cords of firewood and stacked on the property. Remember to not move the firewood far from where it was cut to decrease the transmission of diseases and infestations.

Not all companies are equal and the cheapest may not be the best answer to the tree removal situation. Hire a service that can provide annual arbor services, show proof of insurance, license, certifications, and be able to provide specialists if needed. The extra cost of a dependable company will outweigh the financial burden of inadequate work causing repairs or fines.


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