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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Woodland?

Rich in wooded lands, the City of Woodland is situated in a sort of “Goldilocks” zone for a healthy urban canopy. This simply means that the soil and temperature here are just right.With this perfect zone weather and soil, you would think there would never be a problem with Woodland trees, but you would be wrong. With all that healthy living, there is always the chance of some unhealthy issues cropping up. First, let’s look at some issues that are caused by our misguided ways of thinking that we are doing the right thing.

Issues that Affect Woodland Trees Without Disease

Diseased trees are bad enough in their own right, but there are several human-related effects that are bothering the Woodland Urban Canopy.

  • Scorched Leaves. Many times, the leaves of any given species of tree can appear to be scorched by fire. This is caused by the tree receiving too much sunlight, to the point that it has left the leaves scared. Sometimes we remove too much of what surrounds a tree thinking we are doing it a favor, when in fact, we aren’t. When you notice a scorched leaf tree, notice if there is any damage to the base of their trunk such as a weed trimmer injury. These injuries can impede a tree’s ability to absorb water. Proper mulching at the base can quickly return the trees’ ability to absorb.
  • Injury from Drought. In times of little to no rainfall, research how to properly water a tree and help the trees of Woodland thrive when the summer heat and dryness say otherwise.

Then there are the tree diseases, typical of what you might find in any city or town with a large tree population. Things like:

  • Witches’ Broom. This disease will attack any species of tree, causing patches of sticks and twigs to die off. These patches often resemble that of a witches’ broom, hence the name. Only a proper inspection by an arborist like ours can tell if this disease is insect or disease-related, as well as make the proper treatment plan for the infected tree.
  • Mildew and Leaf Rust. This disease will attack your tree’s ability to absorb any nutrients, therefore causing the trees to shed leaves prematurely early on in summer.
  • Gall and Cankers. These are the growths that appear at places that have been pruned or other types of damage that have caused a loss of a limb and left an open wound on the trunk of the tree. Insects will prey upon these areas bringing disease from infestation.

There are things that we humans do that cause stress and disease in our trees, then there are the things that are naturally occurring that couldn’t be helped anyway. Woodland, California is blessed to have such a diverse urban canopy to watch flourish and take care of.

Does the City of Woodland Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Some of the trees that the City of Woodland takes responsibility for and provides their proper care and maintenance date back to over 150 years old. If those trees could talk! At any rate, that comes to somewhere around 15,000 trees that Woodland claims as their own. Not sure if the tree in question is on City-owned property? Refer to this handy map, just for that purpose. If a tree isn’t listed, then it is on privately owned land.

The City of Woodland has a cyclical maintenance program and, at some point in that cycle, they should be at or near your property to answer any questions you may have regarding any issues with your trees. If you have a more pressing situation, you can always apply for a tree removal permit that will produce the City Arborist to assess your situation, and either grant or deny your permit. At any rate, they will at least offer some tips to restore the tree’s health, or facilitate its removal if diseased.

Yes, the City of Woodland does offer some service for keeping tree and tree debris cleaned up.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Woodland?

In 2015, there was apparently enough confusion about trees and trees that are on the property line between neighbors, that the Hastings Environmental Law Group decided to publish The Definitive Guide to Tree Disputes in California. It is important to know what your rights and responsibilities are, and that is exactly what we will discuss in the next section of our Woodland Guide to Trees and Tree Issues.

In California, the tree in question belongs to the person who owns the property where the trunk of the tree resides. Now that may sound like black and white, or open and shut, but truth is, this is where everything goes awry. This is taken directly from that piece from The Hastings Group:

“Property owners used to have broad-ranging rights to remove encroaching trees or trees that

obstructed views, but California law now requires property owners to take extreme precautions before relying on self-help to resolve tree disputes. Additionally, municipalities now have broad ranging power to dictate how property owners should care for and maintain trees located on private property.”

Seems to be clear as mud. However, we will present the information as we see fit for the following scenarios for specific property owners here in the greater Woodland area.

If you are a homeowner?

If you own a piece of property that has a house on it, chances are that you also own several trees within the lines of your property. Now, that doesn’t give you the right to just “go to war” with all the neighbors’ trees that are encroaching on your land. While you do have the right to cut back roots and branches to their prospective pieces of property, you might want to consult with a professional like us before doing so. If you cause the tree to die or otherwise rot and fall and cause damage, you are liable. Likewise, if someone cuts your trees back and causes them to cease to exist you can hold them responsible.

If you are a renter?

When you go into a rental agreement with a prospective landlord, try and come up with a plan of at least exchanging information about the trees on the property before signing the lease. Know how your landlord feels about the trees and what his policies and procedures are regarding any down-the-road tree issues. If none are in place, offer an adult sit-down to discuss these issues and explain to the landowner how important these things are and how it would be in their best interest to adopt a policy as well as follows the letter of the law regarding tree issues in Woodland.

If you are a landlord?

Hopefully, if you are presently a landlord, you have some policies and procedures in place to protect the trees that are on your property. This not only ensures that your trees will be looked after, but that your rental property will be cared for as well. Keep in mind what your rights are and how they pertain to this person that is going to be calling your rental property home. If this is something that you have yet to do, time is of the essence, as they say, and you will want to get that protection in writing before your next renter answers your rental ad.

If you are a neighbor?

Back to the neighbor issue. Hopefully, both you and your neighbor are up to speed on the latest issues regarding a tree that you both seem to share. Generally, you are responsible for healthy trees that have fallen on your property, even if they gre on your neighbor’s property. The reverse is also true.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Woodland?

From the very first soil analysis of Woodland, California back in 1911, it was clear that Woodland, California lies in one of those zones where everything is just right. Nicely-layered types of soils, all conducive to healthy crop and tree life, with an excellent ability to drain excess waters away. That pretty much sums up the soil in Woodland. Even as this area began to suffer from urban sprawl, the earth beneath it seemed to have stayed pretty well intact and as a result, is a very healthy place for trees and other plant life to flourish.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Woodland?

Yes, weather does affect trees, sometimes in rather adverse ways. However, the weather here in Woodland is not that type of weather. In the weather patterns here in Woodland, we have, due to our geographical location, weather from two very different patterns. One is the constant ocean breeze from the pacific northwest, and the other is enabled by the ever-popular Santa Ana Winds. Woodland is located in such a way that these weather patterns coalesce with each other positively, providing just the right mix of rain and storms to enhance the life of trees in the area. There is just the right amount of rainfall to provide a healthy water source, and the wind from storms is mild to moderate and does just the right amount of cleaning up of old tree debris and limbs, leaving the urban canopy crisp and clean at all times.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Woodland?

If you see a tree that is already down on a Woodland power line or that seems to pose a threat to one, there are 2 avenues you can use to report this situation. The first is to, of course, report the problem to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) as they are the utility providers for this area. You can use their phone system or their webpage tool for this matter. The other avenue is by contacting the City of Woodland directly and reporting the problem with their phone systems or webpage as well.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Woodland?

Eventually, someone has to foot the bill for these tree issues, right? That is what we will present in this our last section of Woodland tree issues. The way we are going to show you this information is by listing the averages of tree-related costs here in Woodland. Average low, high, and the average price paid to remove a tree in Woodland:

  • Average low cost – $200
  • Average high cost – $2,113
  • Average price paid – $706

Those averages listed here also include the following:

  • The average labor costs associated with removing a medium tree in Woodland, CA
  • The average costs for material and equipment for tree removal in Woodland, CA
  • All project costs for site prep and clean-up

However, they do not include the following:

  • Tree removal permits required from the City of Woodland
  • Materials/supplies sales taxes from Yolo and California
  • Materials/supplies sales taxes from Woodland

Now let’s take into consideration a few factors that change the outcome of your tree removal costs in Woodland.

Tree Size

Perhaps the tree you are having removed doesn’t fall into the medium-sized category. If you have a tree that is over 80 feet tall, you might find your quote higher than $2,000.


If your tree removal project is going to be a large tree in an inaccessible place, your final bill will reflect that in the extra effort needed to remove it.

Fallen Tree

If your tree to be removed has already fallen without causing any further damage, be thankful. All you will really need from our tree removal crew is a good clean-up. This may be substantially less to pay for than a full-blown tree removal project.


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