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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Vista?

Planet earth has 46% fewer trees than it did 12,000 years ago. This decline is due to common tree problems caused by human beings and natural perils. Take a look at tree issues commonly found in Vista. 

Pest and Diseases

Most diseases here are caused by pathogens like bacteria and fungi. These pathogens cause diseases such as the passalora needle blight on Leyland, powdery mildew, fusiform rust, root rot, and mistletoe. 

Insects such as beetles, light brown moths, and caterpillars eat into tree trunks and branches which weakens the trees. Mites cause leaf stippling by sucking up the sap which leads to withering. 

Branch Overgrowth

Branches and foliage grow out of proportion when they are not tended to properly. Some people are not able to trim or prune trees within the right time which leads to neglect and overgrowth. For example, Engelmann Oak has naturally broad branches. It is easy for its branches to grow wider than intended. 

Natural Disasters

Storms may down trees, cause water damage to the roots, and lead to secondary factors such as disease and pest outbreaks. 

Poor Tree Growth

This is often the result of poor tree care methods, overwatering, injuring trees with landscaping or construction equipment, or diseases that result in stunted growth. 

Does the City of Vista Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Dead trees and those the City of Vista regards as an immediate safety hazard are removed from rights-of-way as soon as possible. The city has to evaluate all other removal requests according to the San Diego County policy.

Except for assisting with tree removal after a natural disaster, the Public Works Department in the City of Vista also assists in tree removal when tree branches fall in front of homes near streets or when a tree near a street has died. 

Ideally, the Public Works Department sends an arborist to inspect the tree and determine its health before removing it. Should a fallen branch be removed from a road by the city authority because it is unsafe, the owner of the tree is responsible for disposing of it.

6,000 of the 19,000 trees found in Vista are planted on public property. The City has spent $253,000 in the last two years on inspecting and trimming trees to improve the Urban Forest in Vista. Trees in the city streets are trimmed after every four years. The City follows up these trimming exercises with inspections. The findings are recorded in the Arbor Access – Vista’s tree management database.

Vista has also received a grant worth $500,000 to plant 550 trees and remove dying and dead trees in the last 3 years.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Vista?

The City of Vista will remove fallen trees or branches on streets and other areas considered as public right-of-way to keep the public safe. However, different ordinances apply to fallen tree removal for individuals as follows.

Trees located within the public right-of-way require City approval prior to removal. If you’d like to remove a tree near a roadway in your property, Vista tree laws require you to notify the Public Works Department on (760) 726-1340, ext. 1606. 

You don’t need permission to remove a tree inside your land except for when the tree is within or next to a river or another natural drainage course.

If you’re a homeowner?

In California, as long as a tree trunk is wholly on your property, the tree belongs to you whether its branches and roots extend to your neighbor’s property or not. This means that you are responsible for tending to it and calling us to clear out any debris when it falls on your compound. 

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the cost of damage to property if your insurer ascertains that the fall was caused by a natural peril such as wind but will not pay for hauling the tree and debris off your yard. 

If you’re a renter?

According to California law, fallen trees are the responsibility of the property owner in which they fall. As a renter, you have no ownership rights to the property. You can only get paid for damages to your property that was hit by the tree through insurance. 

If you’re a landlord?

You bear the responsibility of removing fallen trees or branches and other debris that end up on your property when a tree falls from natural perils. 

If you’re a neighbor

As part of an HOA, your HOAs Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions may dictate what happens when a tree falls.

However, the law is clear on who bears the responsibility of a fallen tree – as long as you own the property and the tree is in good condition, it’s your job to remove or pay for the removal of the parts that fall into your property. 

California law requires neighbors sharing a fence to contribute equally to the maintenance of the fence. The same case applies when a fallen tree falls over a fence. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Vista?

According to the Soil Data Explorer, Vista soils are formed from decomposed granitic rocks and are moderately deep, slow to rapid runoff, and well-drained. These soils are predominantly found on the hills and mountains.

Because they are well-drained, these soils allow the trees enough time to absorb moisture and nutrients. These soils support the growth of at least 21 tree species native to Vista. These trees include Black CottonWood, Coast Live Oak, White Alder, Western Sycamore, Velvet Ash, Sandbar Willow, Northern California Black Walnut, Honey Mesquite, Black Elderberry, Fremont Cottonwood, Red Willow, Arroyo Willow, Goodding’s Black Willow, Nuttal’s Scrub Oak, Engelmann Oak, etc. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Vista?

Temperature extremes in Vista are uncommon. Vista is 101m above sea level with a warm and temperate climate. Vista receives 15.4 inches of rainfall per year and experiences different weather in different parts. 

For example, between May and June, west Vista may be shadowed by a cool atmosphere while the Eastern Vista experiences blue skies. Fall and snow are almost unheard of. Dry Santa Ana winds can come at any time of the year but are common during the fall. These winds break twigs, bend some trees, or fell the weak and diseased trees.

Winter rains in Vista result in broken limbs, while tornadoes destroy miles of forested areas, downing trees, and causing soil erosion. Damaged limbs attract tree infections and diseases and precipitate decay in some trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Vista?

Vista residents are not only discouraged from attempting to take care of trees near power lines but are also prohibited to do so by California law. However, they can get assistance from our certified arborists.

The Public Resources Code 4292 requires that vegetation within 4 feet of 2400 and 72000 volts power lines and 10 feet of power lines with 115,000 volts or more be maintained. This can be done by our certified arborists and utility companies. 

The NERC FAC 003-4 standard directs utilities to tend to vegetation between trees and power lines to prevent power disruptions and outages. These utilities are also mandated to remove dead trees near power lines by the National Electrical Safety Code.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Vista?

On average, removing a tree in Vista costs $735. The average range is between $270 and $1200, but your total can reach even higher for larger trees. The cost of removing a tree is not fixed but is determined by factors that make it easier or harder for our tree removers. Some of these factors include the following:


Some trees are naturally bigger and taller than others and this size either adds to their cost or reduces it. Take the following examples:

  • A 20-foot tree costs between $200 and $340
  • A 40-foot tree costs between $400 and $680
  • A 60-foot tree costs between $600 to $1020
  • An 80-foot tree costs between $800 and $1360 or more


Emergency tree removal is about saving the lives of those living around a tree when it suddenly falls on a fence, homes, or utility lines. Additionally, the tree may have fallen at an extremely inopportune time, like midnight on a weekend. 

Typically, it will cost you between $879 and $6,150 to remove a tree in emergency situations.  The average cost of removing a tree in emergency situations is $2,450.


An easy-to-get-to tree costs much less than a tree bordering utility lines or situated between two buildings. We may need to do extensive clearing before removing a tree in some situations. 

In some cases, you may be dealing with a large willow oak in your backyard. It is difficult to get bucket trucks close enough to it. This calls for more manual labor and working hours. The price will automatically go up.

Condition of the Tree

A dying tree requires much less work than a healthy tree. An overgrown tree or a species which is naturally heavier and has more branches will cost more than a naturally short and slender tree. 


You may pay less for a tree if you’re asking for removal during off-season – between late winter and early spring. The high season is between mid-spring and summer.

However, you don’t have to wait for the off-season to cut down a diseased or leaning tree. It poses a danger every minute it stays put. To be sure, you can call us to inspect your tree and advise you on the level of damage and the right thing to do. Sometimes, all a tree needs is to be pruned with the right tools or rehabilitated. 

In any case, asking Tree Triage for help when a tree is young or as soon as you can, will eliminate reasons that may cost you more for tree removal. This includes trimming, pruning, and inspecting for diseases and pests.


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