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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Vacaville?

In the haze of the summer, you love all the trees in your yard. Vacaville offers a variety of common trees. Some trees that we see most often include:

  • Arroyo willow
  • Black willow 
  • Boxelder
  • Cottonwood 
  • California black walnut
  • California buckeye 
  • California sycamore
  • Interior live oak 
  • Oregon ash 
  • Red willow
  • Valley oak

Some of these tree species grow to great heights and offer large leaf canopies that are ideal for shade. When one of your trees needs to be removed, you may wonder what you did wrong. In most cases, it’s out of your control. Here are a few of the most common tree issues that we see in Vacaville:


The summers in Vacaville are hot and dry with a rainfall that’s negligible. Your trees and other greenery need water and nutrients to grow and thrive. With so little rainfall in the hottest months, the soil quickly dries out and your trees begin to suffer. 

While the city of Vacaville doesn’t have any water restrictions, the situation is constantly changing. A tree may need watering in the summer months in order to get the water and nutrients it needs to survive.

If you notice a tree that seems to wither, you might try watering it on a regular schedule to see if it bounces back. Our team can evaluate a tree for you to determine the best way to handle the situation. 

Root Rot

While Vacaville doesn’t see above-average rainfall or snowfall each year, the rain is concentrated in a five-month period. All this moisture quickly saturates the soil and submerges the roots of your trees. This can lead to root rot. 

Root rot is a fungal infection that can take over a tree and kill it. This disease moves easily from one tree to the next. If you catch root rot early, there are treatments that might save the tree, or at the very least, contain the disease to only a single tree. 

You need to recognize the signs of root rot to stop it early. These signs include new leaf growth that appears smaller and paler than normal. You might even see fungus at the base of the tree. 

Root rot will eat away at the bark of a tree, leaving bald areas behind. Another sign is a tree that’s stopped growing. Of course, by this point, you’re trying to save the surrounding trees. 

Damage Due to Insects

The moderate temperatures throughout the winter months make Vacaville a haven for insects and other pests. While essential to the ecosystem, insects and other pests can infest the trees in your yard and cause a lot of damage, even killing some trees. 

The most common insects that we see in the area include:

  • Asian Citrus Psyllid
  • Asian Gypsy Moth
  • Asian Longhorned Beetle
  • Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle
  • Emerald Ash Borer Beetle
  • European Gypsy Moth
  • False Codling Moth
  • Spotted Lanternfly

Pest and insects can live in your tree or dine on it. Either way, it isn’t beneficial for the tree, only the bug. If you catch an infestation early enough in a Vacaville yard, there are treatments we have available to rid the tree of the bugs and save it. 

You might actually see bugs crawling on your tree or disappearing into holes they’ve created. Another sign includes leaves that appear discolored or misshapen. There might be holes in the leaves or chunks missing from the edge. 

The tree might have sunken areas, where part of it has already died. Bald patches are another sign of a bug infestation. Our team can diagnose an infestation and help you make a decision on how to proceed. 

Does the City of Vacaville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While the city of Vacaville requires homeowners to get a permit to remove a tree, they don’t offer any assistance with its removal. There is an exception. If the tree grows in a public space, such as an easement on your property, the city will remove it. Also, you’re required to plant a new tree for each tree removed within six months of its removal. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Vacaville?

In Vacaville, the homeowner of where the tree grew is almost always responsible for removing a fallen tree. This is because it’s considered private property. There are times when a fallen tree is on an easement that the city or a utility company maintains the rights to. In this case, it’s the entity that owns the easement’s responsibility to remove the tree. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Yes, as the Vacaville homeowner, you’re more than likely responsible for arranging to have the fallen tree removed and paying for it. There are rare cases when the tree grew on an easement, and the utility company or the city is responsible for removing the tree. If the tree sat at the front of your yard, you might consider contacting the city to see if it’s on an easement. 

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, you may have agreed to take care of the yard work around the Vacaville home. It might even be written into the lease that you signed. However, this doesn’t include removing trees. This responsibility will almost always fall to the homeowner. You should always let the homeowner know as soon as you see an issue with a tree. 

If you’re a landlord?

When you’re the landlord of a home in Vacaville, you’re always the homeowner too. Even if the tenant agreed to take care of routine yard work, you’re responsible for a large problem, such as a fallen tree. You might find that the tree grew on an easement. If that’s the case, contact the city or the local utility company that uses the easement to remove the tree. 

If you’re a neighbor?

As a neighbor, you might or might not be responsible for removing a tree from the yard. It depends on where the tree grew. You expect the homeowner of where the tree grew to be responsible for its removal. No matter which of you is responsible, it’s always a good idea to reach out to your neighbor to discuss the situation. It’s a great way to remain on friendly terms. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Vacaville?

In Vacaville, we most commonly see these tree soil types: silty, sandy, and clay loams. The silty and clay loams soak up a lot of water during the rainy months, but can’t drain it properly. The sandy clay drains better than the other two. These soils can make it easier for root rot to take hold of your trees. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Vacaville?

The extreme heat in the summer and lack of rain can lead to damage to your trees. In the winter months, there is heavy rainfall that can saturate your soil. This leaves your trees at risk for developing root rot. Yes, the weather in Vacaville can have an effect on your trees. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Vacaville?

You might be able to get the city or the local power company to remove the dead tree near a power line in Vacaville if it sits on an easement. However, if the tree isn’t on an easement, it’s up to you (and the homeowner) to remove it. 

You want to stay far away from any trees that have fallen onto a power line and call emergency services. This situation is very hazardous and not one that you can handle yourself. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Vacaville?

All Vacaville homeowners ask this question, and it’s typically one of the first. We can’t offer you a quote over the phone because of the factors that go into removing a tree. 

However, we can tell you that the cost of removing a tree in the area ranges between $330 to $1,490 in most cases, with an average of $910. There are cost factors that affect the final price, including:

Tree Removal Permit

Before we can remove a tree from your Vacaville yard, a tree removal permit needs to be issued. This process adds extra time and costs to the project.

Wood Chips

After cutting down your tree, our team can run it through a wood chipper. You can use the resulting wood chips as mulch around your yard. These chips can help keep nutrients available to your tree in the summer drought and slow water, saturating your soil during the rainy times.

Tree Size

There are some behemoth trees in Northern California. It takes our team more time and the use of additional safety equipment to cut down a larger tree. In most cases, our team starts at the top of the tree and removes it in sections to ensure there isn’t any damage to your home or other nearby trees.


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