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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Thousand Oaks?

With oaks being the highlighted tree species in Thousand Oaks, we’ll take a closer look at some common issues that affect these trees, from invasive pests to tree diseases. 

Western Oak Bark Beetle (WOBB) and Foamy Bark Canker Disease

The beetles love the warm climate that Conejo Valley is famous for, making the beautiful oaks in the city target for infestation. The female WOOB digs shallow tunnels under the oak’s bark to lay eggs, and the larvae create their own tunnels at right angles to reach the surface. While the beetles are not the main issue, their after-effects can wreak havoc on trees because it creates an environment for fungus to grow in the beetle’s tunnels. The beetle usually attacks trees suffering from drought, disease, or other injuries. 

Symptoms to watch for WOBB in your oaks and early signs of Foamy Bark Canker:

  • Wet discoloration on the bark
  • Entry holes in the trunk or branches
  • Foamy liquids or reddish sap on the bark’s surface

Goldenspotted Oak Borer (GSOB)

Since 2004, the non-native beetle has killed nearly thirty thousand oaks in southern California. Preferring mature oak trees, the GSOB is a major threat to the beautiful trees in Thousand Oaks. The larvae feeding causes significant damage to trees by hindering the water nutrient uptake in the oak, causing it to eventually die from repeated damage. 

Signs of Goldenspotted oak borer infestation

  • Crown thinning and dieback
  • Stained bark on the trunk
  • Bark injury from woodpeckers
  • D-shaped holes on the trunk and large branches

Does the City of Thousand Oaks Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Thousand Oaks has a Forestry Master Planto create and maintain its community forest. Residents of the city must obtain a permit to remove healthy oaks or landmark trees from their property, but the city does not provide any assistance with the removal. When removing dead or hazardous trees from their property, residents must apply for a Type A Oak Tree Application. If trees on the street or in the community’s urban forest are damaged or considered a hazard to the public, the Public Works Department at the City of Thousand Oaks will address any issues. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Thousand Oaks?

When a tree falls on your property line and no one is around to see how it went down, who is responsible for the tree removal?  While property owners in Thousand Oaks are responsible for the management and expense of trees on their property, it can become a gray area when tree issues arise between neighbors or concerning a rental property. We’ve broken down some of the most common situations to help you decide who should handle the removal and additional expenses of fallen trees. 

If you’re a homeowner?

While being a homeowner has a long list of perks, it also comes with cons, including the responsibility of all property maintenance and repairs. If a tree falls on your Thousand Oaks property, it is up to you to handle the expense of the tree’s removal. Before calling us for removal services, ensure you check with your insurance company to determine if they cover part or all of the tree removal costs. 

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, the landowner will be the responsible party for handling removing fallen trees on the property. Contact your landlord if you have issues with fallen trees or believe a tree to be a potential hazard in the near future. 

If you’re a landlord?

When owning rental property in Thousand Oaks, it is usually the landlord’s responsibility to handle the pruning, maintenance, and care of the landscaping. Therefore, if there is a fallen tree on your rentals, you will need to cover the expense of having it properly removed. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Disputes over tree removal issues can turn excellent neighbors into lifelong enemies. While it is the owner of the property’s responsibility to handle tree removal or maintenance, the lines can become skewed if a tree falls on your property from a neighboring property. Often considered a civil dispute between the landowners and/or their attorneys, all involved parties should clearly communicate tree removal issues and expectations throughout the removal project. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Thousand Oaks?

Thousand Oaks has a range of well-drained to excessively drained loamy sands to silty clay loams to poorly drained loamy sands, with the majority falling in the clay soils category. Therefore, the soil type is a huge factor in the overall health of trees because it is the storage area for the water and nutrients that a tree needs to grow and thrive. With the clay soils dominant in Thousand Oaks, trees can go longer without water because of the moisture retained in the soil. However, the clay soil can become a problem on the rare occasion of excessive rainfall as it can flood the tree’s root systems, leading to root rot or fungus issues. Follow the Watering Frequency Guidelines in the City of Thousand Oaks Planting & Maintenance Manual to keep your trees happy and healthy in the rainy winter season and help improve their drought tolerance. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Thousand Oaks?

Having a dry-summer subtropical zone climate affects the trees’ health of Thousand Oaks. The dry conditions that often result in droughts in the region can hinder the lifespan of the trees that call the area home. The winter rains sometimes can oversaturate the clay soil, which causes root problems for the trees and can shorten a tree’s life. While the weather can affect the trees of Thousand Oaks, it is up to the community to help protect and manage the city’s open space to ensure the trees survive the changing elements and become more resilient throughout the years. The proper planting and maintenance of trees are essential to give them the best chance of providing urban forests for future generations to enjoy. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Thousand Oaks?

To support the safety and reliability of the power grid in the Thousand Oaks community, Southern California EDISON regularly trims or removes dead, dying, or diseased trees growing near or under power lines. State regulations are in place to ensure utilities keep trees and vegetation well-managed to prevent them from falling into power lines. While fallen trees on lines can cause power outages, the larger threat is the potential for a spark to start a wildfire, causing detrimental damage to the forests in Thousand Oaks. 

You can contact SCE to report hazardous trees near power lines. If the SCE determines trees on your property need to be trimmed or removed, they will leave a door hanger or contact the customer via in-person to make you aware and discuss a plan for the pruning or tree removal. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Thousand Oaks?

For proper and safe tree removal, it can cost you more than you might think. While sometimes the original estimate for a tree removal job in Thousand Oaks can end up costing less, it is usually the opposite. The average cost for tree removal in Thousand Oaks, CA varies from $390 to $1,740. The wide range is due to the numerous cost factors that can affect the tree removal project, including: 


Our tree removal services in areas with a higher cost of living tend to be at the higher end of the average range scale. Also, the tree’s location that needs removing is a factor that can increase or decrease your tree removal expense. 

Your tree removal cost in Thousand Oaks can be higher or lower depending on the following: 

  • How easy or difficult your yard or removal site is to access
  • If there are active power lines near the tree
  • The type of equipment required for our team to complete the work

Tree Condition 

If you are requesting the removal of a tree, it is usually due to damage or diseases affecting the tree’s health that has created a dead or dying tree on your landscape. However, if the tree is too far gone and in very fragile condition, it can make the end cost of the removal higher than estimated. This is because the poor condition puts our contractor at a higher liability of something going wrong during the removal. If a tree has already fallen, but not on a building or home, the cost to remove the tree could be significantly less. 


If you are requesting tree services from us in the off-season, you can usually snag a cheaper rate for the tree removal job, whereas, the opposite can be true during our busy season. The urgency of your request is also a factor that can increase or decrease the final cost of your tree removal estimate in Thousand Oaks. For trees that fall due to recent storm damage or wildfire and require immediate removal because of safety or public concern, an emergency tree removal service may be needed, which often costs more than an average estimate that is not a time-sensitive request. 


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