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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Saratoga?

Saratoga is located within Santa Clara County just west of the city of San Jose. It is less than 50 miles from San Francisco and part of Silicon Valley. Saratoga is within the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains and features scenic views and plentiful parks. There are also plenty of trees in Saratoga, with the city being designated a Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation for over a decade.

The abundance of trees in Saratoga is not without issues. Here are some of the most common tree issues in Saratoga.

Tree Insects

Insects are a major cause of tree issues that may result in tree removal in Saratoga. Scale insects cause an unsightly scale on trees in Santa Clara County. The scales can be soft, made from honeydew, or hard scales that are more damaging to the fruit and bark.

A common scale insect in Santa Clara County is the San Jose scale insect, a damaging pest that can stress trees, resulting in decline. Scale insects can be controlled with annual sprayings of oil unless the tree is already too stressed from drought, heat, or pests.

Tree Diseases and Fungi

Fire blight is a common tree problem in Saratoga. It is a bacterial canker that affects a variety of trees including apple, pear, crabapple, and quince. The canker typically appears in spring as a light tan-colored watery substance that leaks from affected branches. It can also affect leaves and blossoms to fall while turning fruit a black or brown color.

Fire blight can be treated by removing affected branches and applying a bleach mixture to the affected area. If left untreated, the blight can spread and resurface each spring.


While dead trees are often too hazardous to leave standing, they can be even more hazardous in Santa Clara County where wildfires are a constant threat. During dry spells or drought, which is fairly typical in California, wildfires can start from a single spark or even a cigarette.

Dead trees can contain residue from bark beetles that cause the tree to ignite more rapidly. It is also essential to remove any firewood from nearby trees, as the beetle can migrate from the wood to living trees and infest them. Trimming trees should also only be done in the fall if possible, while the beetles are less active.

Does the City of Saratoga Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

If you notice a tree in the street, sidewalk, right-of-way, or median, you can call for assistance from Saratoga Public Works. The street division keeps the streets free of debris such as fallen trees and branches. They also conduct trimming and pruning operations throughout the year to reduce fallen trees and branches on the roads.

The City Parks Division also maintains certain right-of-ways in the city and provides landscaping for parks and trails. The parks division can likely help you with any fallen trees on a public walking trail or in a public park. If the tree is not on city property, public works will not likely be able to help you with removal.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Saratoga?

When a tree falls, determining who is responsible for its removal can be confusing. These scenarios will help you determine if you will be responsible for tree removal in Saratoga.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, there are several situations where you may be responsible for tree removal in Saratoga. The typical scenario is when a tree falls from your property onto your property. In this case, you would be solely responsible for the tree’s removal, unless the tree was damaged or cut down by a third party.

If a tree falls from your neighbor’s property onto your property, it would be your neighbor’s responsibility unless the tree fell due to a storm or unforeseen act of nature. If the tree falls from your property onto a neighbor’s property, you would be equally responsible unless the tree fell due to a storm.

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, you are not likely to be responsible for tree removal in Saratoga. In most cases, repairs will be your landlord’s responsibility, especially major repairs and those affecting your safety as a tenant. If a tree falls on a driveway or walkway, it can pose a danger to civilians. if it falls on the roof of your rental property, it can make the home uninhabitable.

Landlords should make any repairs that affect the safety and habitability of a rental property. You should inform the landlord when a tree falls or appears to be tipping or dead. If you take matters into your own hands and cut or damage a tree, the landlord may hold you accountable for the tree removal and for any damage it can cause.

If you’re a landlord?

As the landlord, you are likely responsible for tree removal in Saratoga. If a tree falls on your rental property, you are responsible for repairs that affect the habitability of the home. When a tenant informs you of a fallen tree, you should respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Several exceptions may affect your responsibility for tree removal in Saratoga. For instance, if a tree falls from a neighboring property, it may not be your responsibility. If the tree is damaged or cut down by another party, such as a neighbor, tenant, or guest, you also may not be responsible for removal.

If you’re a neighbor?

Tree removal in Saratoga is most confusing if you are a neighbor. Two types of trees apply to neighboring properties: trees on your property and trees on a neighbor’s property.

You are responsible for caring for trees on your property and removing the tree when it falls. This includes when the tree falls outside your property unless it falls due to a storm or another unforeseen natural cause. Your neighbor is equally responsible for trees on the neighboring property. If the tree falls, the neighbor is responsible for its removal even if it falls on your property.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Saratoga?

The soil in Saratoga is mostly Placentia series sandy loam with gravel mixed in. The soil is found throughout California and prized by farmers for its ability to yield a wide range of crops.

Placentia drains moderately well and runs slowly to rapidly on slopes. It is commonly used for growing crops, hay, grain, and citrus trees. Placentia can be ideal for growing fruit trees, including citrus fruits and nuts. It is rich in nutrients to help trees grow.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Saratoga?

A common reason for tree removal in Saratoga is damage caused by drought. Drought conditions are prevalent throughout California and can sometimes go on for years at a time. Drought can make trees decline if they are not well-equipped to survive dry conditions. It can also make trees susceptible to cankers and other bacterial infections, along with bark beets that can bore holes into the bark.

Branch dieback and thinning crowns are common symptoms of drought-related damage. It can be difficult to adequately water trees due to conservation efforts, but there are landscaping practices and irrigation methods that can help your trees survive dry weather.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Saratoga?

If you see a dead tree that is too close to a power line or has fallen on a power line, do not try to remove the tree yourself. PG&E, the power company for Saratoga, suggests contacting their team for assistance.

PG&E will remove dead trees near power lines, and remove trees that have fallen on power lines during a storm. They also provide tree trimming service throughout the year to keep branches from damaging the power lines and remove dead vegetation that risks burning in a wildfire.

PG&E asks that residents do not attempt to trim or prune trees close to the power lines and be conscious of planting near power lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Saratoga?

Your total for tree removal in Saratoga will typically fall between $150 and $1,600, but various factors can affect the cost. Three major factors influence the pricing of tree removal in Saratoga.

Tree Size

The size of a tree will affect the cost of its removal. A larger tree will almost always cost more to remove than a smaller tree because it takes more time and resources to remove.

Large trees can have dangerous branches that must be secured or removed before removing the trunk. They also have a greater chance of falling on a home, patio, or vehicle if they fall in an unintended direction. The preparation and cleanup can also be more extensive and costly when removing a large tree.

Tree Condition

Trees can require removal for many reasons, each of which may affect the overall price. For instance, a standing tree will almost always cost more to remove than a fallen tree. Removing a standing tree safely will take more planning and preparation to prevent the tree from falling in a hazardous area.

Trees that are removed due to an infectious disease or pest can also require more work. We may need to treat the trees nearby and make sure all the debris is removed after the tree removal. These additional services can increase the cost of tree removal in Saratoga.

Tree Location

The tree’s location is another important factor in the cost of tree removal. It is our main priority to ensure our tree removal work is completed safely. A tree that is near power lines, vehicles, buildings, or other structures will require careful planning and preparation compared to a tree in a clearing.

Pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic can also hinder streamlined tree removal. We may need to secure the area to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering the work zone. Parks, playgrounds, and schools with children present can also affect the cost and preparation, we must take precautions to ensure the children do not enter the work zone.


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