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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Santa Rosa?

The diversity of tree life in Santa Rosa is both impressive and always at risk. Dangers are lurking around, trying to take those trees out at any moment, and this is a real problem that residents know all too well. 

Anthracnose is one disease that is particularly vicious towards the trees in the Santa Rosa area. It is a fungal disease that survives very well in warm and moist environments, which is the climate in Santa Rosa pretty much all year long. The residents get to enjoy the upsides of this quite often, but they should also try to understand that living in such a scenic paradise also has its downsides. The types of trees that are most commonly impacted by this disease include elm, maple, oak, and walnut trees. Since those are some of the most common types of trees owned by residents, it is a good idea to be familiar with anthracnose and the damage that it can do to property. 

Another area of concern is the pests that use Santa Rosa trees as their host for food and other resources. These bugs and insects are quite vicious in their attacks on trees, causing a lot of harm in the process. Royal palm bugs are one species that you do not want to encounter on your trees. As the name suggests, they like to go after the palm trees that are so iconic to California culture. They will latch onto those trees and quickly zap the life source out of them. They make palm trees look unappealing. Trees often die if attacked by royal palm bugs for too long. However, the tree can often be saved if one reacts quickly enough to the threat of these pests. 

These are two examples of the diseases and pests that go after trees in Santa Rosa. Obviously, there are plenty of other ailments that also strike in the area, but this shows you that disease and pests are among the top concerns.

Does the City of Santa Rosa Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city government in Santa Rosa is not interested in aiding its residents with tree removal unless the trees in question are posing a risk to someone else or unless they are in violation of local laws and ordinances. The City does not want to get into the business of tree removal. They will unlikely be of any assistance unless there is a serious issue that impacts more than just yourself. In other words, do not rely on the City to do your landscaping for you. 

Santa Rosa has plenty of trees of historic value and species that are worthy of preservation. As such, various laws are in place to encourage (or in some cases require) landowners to maintain certain trees or certain species of trees that already exist on their property. It is a good idea to check in with the City before moving forward with tree removal to ensure that any tree that you seek to remove is not protected by a city ordinance. The local government can certainly be helpful in informing and educating you on your options on that front.

We’re always on standby and are more than happy to assist in tree removal or tree trimming, as necessary, throughout Santa Rosa. Contact us before seeking government assistance for this type of project.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Santa Rosa?

If you’re a homeowner? 

The burden of homeownership includes the responsibility of taking care of fallen tree removal for trees that are rooted in your property. This is true in Santa Rosa just as it is in any city in America. California Civil Code Section 3346 is very specific that homeowners are the responsible party for taking care of this, regardless of where the tree happens to land when it falls. Those same homeowners may be responsible for any bodily injury that occurs to another party when a tree falls. The courts can settle disputes about who must remove a fallen tree should an issue arise, but it is a good rule of thumb to understand that the roots will be what decides the case. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters get away from having much responsibility for a fallen tree simply because they are not really the owner of the property that they reside in. They are merely paying rent to the landlord each month for the privilege of staying there, but this does not force them to pay for tree removal simply because they happen to live on the property where the tree has fallen. Instead, they are merely asked to get in touch with their landlord to inform them of the issue so that it might be resolved as soon as possible. 

If you’re a landlord? 

Landlords are always the owners of the property. As such, the landlord will do the lion’s share of the work towards getting the tree removal in motion. They will be the ones to call out us and to set up a service and see that the tree is safely removed from wherever it has fallen. 

If you’re a neighbor? 

What a shock it must be to be simply minding your own business when a giant tree comes tumbling down on your property without warning. It can happen to anyone and those unfortunate souls sometimes feel that they are somehow responsible for taking care of the situation. If you are having these same thoughts, please stop in your tracks. You are not responsible for a fallen tree if you are merely the neighbor. The tree being down surely brings extra burden to your day, but there is no reason to jump in and try to assist with this if you don’t have to. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Santa Rosa?

There are four series of soil that make up the majority of the earth in Santa Rosa: the Lipa series, the Guadalupe series, the Carmona series, and the Quingus series. The precise scientific nature of these different soils is less important than the fact that they do impact the trees in the area. Trees are rooted in this soil and the soil must remain strong for the trees to stay rooted and grow. The soil quality in Santa Rosa has proven to be fairly reliable for maintaining tree growth, but there are always unforeseen forces that could have an impact in this area. 

Earthquakes and other natural disasters in California can shift the soil in ways that might be less advantageous for trees. It is important to stay up to date with the latest soil quality reports and other information released by local and state governments, to know for sure how the trees are likely to fare. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Santa Rosa?

The warm and relatively wet climate in Santa Rosa can attract certain types of tree diseases such as anthracnose mentioned above and pests that are keen to feast on the trees. It is a dangerous mix for tree health and has plagued farmers and other individuals in Santa Rosa for a long time. In addition to that, thunderstorms, hailstorms, and the occasional earthquake can also make life difficult for the trees. The weather can certainly be a bit unpredictable in this area, but it is a factor worth adding to the calculation when considering the chances of survival for various trees. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Santa Rosa?

California is all too familiar with blackouts and other electrical issues that are manmade and caused by Mother Nature. Santa Rosa does not take any chances when it comes to downed trees taking out power lines or otherwise impacting the electrical grid in the city. Too many people rely on the constant flow of electricity to take a chance like that. 

A downed tree or a tree that is on the verge of toppling over is the most likely to get attention from the City in terms of government officials moving in to assist with the removal of the said tree. Dead trees that are threatening power lines should be reported to the City as quickly as possible. They pose too grave of a risk to the city as a whole. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Santa Rosa?

The average cost for tree removal in Santa Rosa is between $600 and $900, but your cost can be much lower or higher depending on the below factors:

Type of Tree

Trees with historical or protected status may not be allowed to be removed at all. Some types of trees may be permitted to be removed but may have additional fees charged (for their removal) as the City attempts to discourage this. The exact type of tree and the reasons why it is being removed are critical to the cost of that job. 

Hours of Labor 

We typically charge a flat rate fee for our services, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, it is necessary to charge by the hour to achieve the results that our clients are asking for. Hourly-rate jobs may have higher or lower costs than flat-rate services, simply based on how long the job takes.

Permits Obtained 

Permits are a necessity for the removal of certain types of trees or in certain types of situations. Obtaining permits is a fairly straightforward process, but it does still take some time and effort to do. Thus, jobs that require more permits may also entail a larger invoice at the end of the service. This is something to look out for.


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