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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Santa Cruz?

There are more than 46 tree species in Santa Cruz. These species include redwoods, dragon trees, northern California black walnut, white oaks, and black oaks. Redwoods are the most common species, but thankfully, they are resistant to many tree diseases and pests. 

Currently, three issues affect trees in Santa Cruz:

  • Pests/insects
  • Diseases
  • Wildfires


Multiple pests affect the expected growth of trees in Santa Cruz. The most widespread pest infestation was reported in 2012 and involved the pathogen Phytophthora ramorum. This type of pest attacked the oak trees, and the affected trees would rarely survive.

Other common types of pests and insects that threaten trees in Santa Cruz include aphids, the California oak worm, lace bugs, and the tussock moth. Most of these pests affect the leaves and the stem, but they are easy to control.


Trees in Santa Cruz are susceptible to several diseases which affect their growth and productivity. The most notable tree diseases in the county include anthracnose and leaf rust. The diseases mostly happen due to overcrowding.


Wildfires in Santa Cruz are also a threat to the trees in the area. The residents are advised to avoid keeping any flammable items new to the first or trees to curb the occurrence of the wildfires.

Does the City of Santa Cruz Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Yes, the city of Santa Cruz has been at the forefront to promote the safe removal of trees. Here are multiple ways in which the city supports the tree removal practices:

Issuing of Tree Permits

Every tree in Santa Cruz requires a permit to remove, irrespective of its size. When issuing the permits, the county officials inspect the trees to be removed to ensure that the removal will be safe. Upon inspection, the city council provides safety tools and equipment to remove the trees with utmost safety without hurting other trees.

Code of Ordinances

The city of Santa Cruz highlights multiple tree removal policies regarding tree removal in the county. Through the ordinances, the city approves the removal of trees which:

  • Hinder the access of a property
  • Block the roads and highways
  • Endanger the health and welfare of the residents
  • Interfere with the installation of electricity poles and other utilities

Besides, the ordinances state that homeowners whose trees accidentally fall on the neighbor’s or public property should take responsibility. In addition, the city takes responsibility for the trees that fall on power lines or streets. By setting such guidelines, the city of Santa Cruz supports safe tree removal practices.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Santa Cruz?

Ideally, it’s the homeowners’ obligation to take care of trees within their property, even if they have fallen. Here are different situations regarding responsibility for the fallen tree removal in Santa Cruz, CA:

If You Are a Homeowner

If your tree falls on another person’s property, on the street, or in any other area and causes distractions, it goes without saying that you should take responsibility. And, if the tree has damaged someone’s property, you should solve the issue amicably. Remember that fallen tree issues cause disputes to many neighbors, and that’s not what you would want.

If You Are a Renter

You are not responsible for any tree that falls in the property you have rented unless you are the one who fell it. If such a case happens to you, you should notify the landlord to take the necessary actions. But, as the landlord comes, you can ensure that the fallen tree hurts no one.

If You Are a Landlord

As the property owner, the landlord has the sole responsibility of handling all tree felling cases within the property. You should also pay the tenants (or any other person) who suffer the effects of the fallen tree.

If You Are a Neighbor

You should notify the neighbor whose tree fell on your ground. Together with the neighbor, you can assess any damages that the tree caused and agree on how you will settle. If there is no damage, your neighbor should clear the mess of the fallen tree. 

Note: You have the right to seek legal help if the neighbor does not take the liability for the effects caused by the fallen tree.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz is located along the coastal part of California. The coastal regions have both sandy and loose clay soil. Areas with clay soils have the most shrubs, hawthorns, and silver maple trees. On the other hand, pines and oaks are prevalent on the sandy soils near the coastal part.

The firm and healthy soils in most parts of Santa Cruz are responsible for the high number of well-thriving trees and shrubs in the city. 

It’s worth noting that the city of Santa Cruz protects most of the trees in the city, so it’s hard to find a fallen tree even in case of strong winds. Furthermore, the soils are strong, hence the low cases of tree feeling in the city.

If you would like to plant trees in the city of Santa Cruz, we advise you to have the soil tested first. Most sandy soils are acidic, and they need an improvement first for the best results.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Santa Cruz?

Yes, weather changes have significant impacts on the health of trees in Santa Cruz. As you know, both winter and summer can be extreme to humans and trees alike. During winter, too much ice on the ground can affect the rooting systems of some plants and affect their health. 

The same case applies during summer when some plants wither off and become less appealing. However, some Santa Cruz trees, such as oak, beech, and maple, are highly resistant to climate change. They remain strong throughout, and that’s why oak and maple are the most popular tree species in Santa Cruz and California region at large.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Santa Cruz?

Dead trees near power lines can be dangerous to humans, animals, and property. In case of strong winds, which are not new in Santa Cruz, the dead trees can fall off the electricity lines and cause significant hazards. 

You should not stay silent about any dead trees near an electricity pole. Even if the tree is not part of your property, you should report the issue or contact the power supply company. The city of Santa Cruz is quite prompt on such matters, and so, an experienced arborist from the electric company should be sent to the site to remove the trees safely.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Santa Cruz?

It’s recommended to know the price of tree removal before starting the project to plan your finances well. Most residents in Santa Cruz spend an average of $706 for our removal tree service. However, some homeowners in the area spend as little as $200, while others are quote over $2,000.

This price estimate includes the average labor costs, the cleanup expenses, and the equipment fees. Here is a brief description of the main factors that influence the prices of tree removal in Santa Cruz:

The Height of the Tree

Usually, the cost of cutting a tall tree is significantly higher than that of cutting a shorter tree. This is because the long trees tend to have stronger barks. Plus, they often raise safety concerns. Tall trees have more labor requirements, as well. 

Before cutting trees, our tree removal experts estimate the length of the tree and give you the price estimate accordingly. Here is an estimate of the average costs of cutting a tree in Santa Cruz, according to the heights:

  • Tree removal cost for a 20-foot tree: $214 to $385
  • Tree removal cost for a 40-foot tree: $428 to $770
  • Tree removal cost for a 60-foot tree: $642 to $1,155
  • Tree removal cost for an 80-foot tree: $855 to $1,739 or more

The Location of the Tree

It’s easier to remove a tree located in a scarce environment with no nearby property, electric piles, and so on. And, as you can guess, the total costs for removing such a tree can be significantly lower than for removing trees located in danger zones. 

So, before cutting a tree, our arborists examine the tree’s location and the possible dangers that tree removal can cause. After all, safety is a primary concern for tree removal. Our professionals must ensure that they stay safe during the process and that the process does not cause any damage to anyone or other people’s property. 

In Santa Cruz, you can pay higher tree removal costs if:

  • The tree is located near a property–it can be your house or your neighbors’ property
  • The tree is located near electricity poles
  • The tree is located near many other healthy trees

Note: The health and location of the tree sometimes go hand in hand. Even with the same location, trees with poor health (such as dead branches or stems) would call for more removal costs than healthy trees in the same place. This is because our tree removal experts will have to be more cautious.

The Type of Services Include

Our tree removal experts offer more than just cutting off the tree. Sometimes, our arborists cut the tree into smaller parts for firewood or chip it for mulch. Notably, the cost of having an all-inclusive package is more than the price of cutting off the tree and leaving it there.


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