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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Santa Clarita?

Santa Clarita, California is a beautiful area to live and work in, and it is made even more stunning by the variety of trees that are known to grow in the area. This is why many residents want to do all that they can to preserve that natural beauty for themselves and the next generation. Part of making that happen is accomplished by knowing about the threats posed to the trees in the area.

Fire blight is a common tree disease in Santa Clarita that has a big impact on the ability of trees to grow there. The issue with this disease is that it is bacteria and only impacts a limited number of tree species. It is not as if it goes after every kind of tree imaginable. Living under the radar like this allows for this disease to spread more easily than it otherwise might have. That is something that should raise red alerts to everyone who thinks about how to protect the trees that they have become so attached to in the area. Fire blight can take hold quickly, and it is generally not a good outcome if it is allowed to get out of control. 

Another issue facing California trees right now is bark beetles. These creatures are known to suck the life-bearing nutrients out of trees and take them for themselves. Worse yet, many in California are facing the double-whammy issue of also dealing with major droughts right now (more on this later) that are attracting these creatures in greater numbers than before. Trees already weakened by the drought conditions are now having to fend off bark beetles at the same time, and it is almost too much for many of them to handle. Sadly, we can expect many Santa Clarita trees to suffer and die as a result of these pests invading.

Does the City of Santa Clarita Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Santa Clarita itself does not provide direct assistance for tree removal, but they do offer some useful resources that may be of assistance to those who are attempting to get a tree removed from their property. The most notable thing that they do is provide the names and phone numbers of private companies that they deem qualified to get the job done. It is a pretty big honor and boost to business to be on this list. It means that the company has provided exceptional service to its customers in the past and that they have been noticed by the city for their efforts. 

Citizens need to rely on private companies like Tree Triage to get tree removal projects done. Unfortunately, these projects are seen as directly adding to the bottom line of the homes that need them, and that means that the homeowners themselves need to act in their own self-interest to get this done. As such, tree removal services are not going to be provided by the city unless there is an emergency situation (definitely not something you want to be involved with). 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Santa Clarita?

If you’re a homeowner? 

Trees fall in the city of Santa Clarita every day, and that is why they have had to create laws that spell out who is responsible for the removal of a fallen tree. Homeowners almost always bear the brunt of this, as they are considered the responsible party in this situation. You are defined as the responsible party if the tree in question is rooted in property that you own. It doesn’t matter where the tree actually lands when it falls. If it is rooted in your property, then you are the one who will be paying to have it removed. 

If you’re a renter? 

You might feel pressured by a bad landlord to take care of a tree that has fallen. You should note that you have tenant’s rights that protect you against such intimidation and bullying. The landlord can say whatever they want, but the law in California is written so that you are not legally responsible for taking care of these fallen trees. You simply need to refer that back to the homeowner to take care of it, as it is his or her responsibility. 

If you’re a landlord? 

As a landlord, you’re also the homeowner. As such, you’re responsible for removing trees from your property, even if it is tenant-occupied.

If you’re a neighbor?

A neighbor who has a tree fall down on his or her property that does not begin on their property is, in fact, in a very difficult and frustrating position. They will want to have that tree removed as soon as possible, of course, but they also don’t have to legally do anything to get it taken care of. They are only responsible for the trees that are rooted in their own property, and that helps keep them legally safe in these situations. Still, some neighbors will surely become angry about the situation and try to do what they can to get the tree removed as soon as possible. Just understand that they are under no legal obligation to do so. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Santa Clarita?

There is a lot of concern about the drought situation in California. It is having an impact on many facets of life, and it is certainly weighing heavily on the quality of the soil that can be found in Santa Clarita and throughout the state. Estimates from the state in recent history show that 100% of the state has experienced at least some drought in the past few years with a whopping 85% being labeled as being in “extreme drought” conditions. This terrifying statistic means that much of the soil throughout the state has been damaged greatly. It is not retaining any water because there is none to be had, and this means that the trees are not getting the water that they need either. 

Individual residents may be able to water individual trees that exist on their property, but there is simply no way to take care of the entire tree population that exists throughout Santa Clarita and the rest of the state. It is a crisis situation. It could have long-term impacts on the quantity and types of trees found in Santa Clarita. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Santa Clarita?

Obviously, the droughts just mentioned are posing a major threat to the entire ecosystem. Generally, the weather in Santa Clarita is pleasant and perfectly well-suited for the growth of any number of trees of different varieties, but the drought situation in California is often a dire threat to all trees in the area. This is not meant to be a scare tactic, but rather a wake-up call to the fact that there are some urgent climate concerns for trees in the area. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Santa Clarita?

A dead tree near a power line in Santa Clarita is a very big deal. It is one of the rare situations in which the city might jump into action to get it taken care of. It is always dangerous to have dead or dying trees hanging near power lines, but it is even worse with the drought that continues to ravage the area. There are so many dead and dried-out shrubs and grasslands in areas all throughout Santa Clarita right now. Not only are they an eyesore, but they are a potential danger if a tree should fall into a power line and spark a fire. 

There is the immediate danger of the tree falling over onto a person, but there is another danger of a wildfire sparking as a result of those lines being down. On top of that, there is always the concern that many residents could lose power as a result of a tree taking out lines like this. There are far too many risk factors for the city to remain idle in these situations. The electric company or the city will likely send someone from their preferred providers list if this is what happens, but you should expect to pay additional funds for the emergency service if this is the situation you end up in. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Santa Clarita?

Most tree removals in the area cost between $200 and $2,100, with an average of $700. The below factors will determine where in that range your removal project falls. 

Type of Tree Removed

You can’t get away with removing just any type of tree that you want in Santa Clarita. There are protected species that have extra layers of protection added on to them by the government. There are some types that you are still more than welcome to remove, but you may have to pay extra money for any additional permits we have to obtain in order to do so. 


Summer is generally the season when it comes to tree removal. It would be busy in the summer regardless, but the drought situations in California have made it busier than usual in the past few years. We have backlogs of orders that we need to fulfill, and you will just have to wait your turn to get in line to get taken care of. Otherwise, you could pay up a bit more and see if you can get yourself knocked to the front of the queue. 


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