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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Red Bluff?

Red Bluff is surrounded by the picturesque oaks, sycamores, and other trees that dot the Sacramento Valley, but due to Red Bluff’s higher temperatures than surrounding areas and the influence of some typical California forest pests, trees in the city can struggle for a few reasons.


Red bluff has wet, cool winters and hot, dry summers. Red Bluff holds the record for highest temperatures in the Shasta Cascades. The shelter of the Sacramento Valley provides the numerous creeks and rivers around Red Bluff, and tons of natural beauty but keeps the Pacific Ocean from cooling the air as it does for much of California. With minimal rainfall during summer months, and temperatures commonly over 100 degrees, trees can struggle if not properly cared for – particularly trees not native to the area.

Pests and Diseases

The rich ecosystem of the valley also accommodates many pests that feed on the trees growing in the area. Insects like the flatheaded fir borer and mountain pine beetles can eagerly colonize and damage trees if they gain footholds within the city. These pests and the others in the area can proliferate quickly, so infestation needs to be urgently addressed if spotted.

Does the City of Red Bluff Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Red Bluff does require property owners to be responsible for their own tree removal on their property. Red Bluff will occasionally, however, remove trees that are deemed a public danger. This usually includes trees that are threatening to fall on sidewalks or roads, or trees with dangerously exposed root systems that present a serious injury risk.

In the case that the city exercises this right, they post a notice on the tree for 10 days allowing an objection before removal. Though this applies to any tree that can potentially obstruct public right-of-way in Red Bluff, it has been applied mostly to trees on public property in the past.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Red Bluff?

Tree law is incredibly complicated, especially in such a large state as California. Typically, however, the owner of the property that the fallen tree originated from is responsible for its removal. In the case that the property owner knew the tree was at risk of falling and failed to act to mitigate the risk, they may end up liable for the damages caused by the falling tree as well.

There is always the possibility of extenuating circumstances and exceptions in tree law. With trees on the border of two separate lots of private property, for instance, there can commonly be a legal dispute about who is responsible for the trees.

If you’re a homeowner?

The trees on your property are part of that property. When you purchased the land, you also purchased the trees and usually, the responsibility to remove fallen ones. Failing to deal with fallen trees in your yard may end up in costly citations and damage to other wildlife on your property, so calling us for quick removal of any fallen trees can be very important.

If you’re a renter?

Even though lawn care will typically fall on a tenant in most leases, it’s very rare that a renter would be responsible for tree care and removal. Unless your responsibility for the property’s trees is spelled out in your lease, chances are it falls on your landlord. Your responsibility probably goes no further than to notify your landlord, but if your landlord fails to act, you may have to. If you have to pay for fallen tree removal as a tenant, you probably are owed compensation for the full amount of the invoice by your landlord.

If you’re a landlord?

Your trees are a valuable feature of your property that boosts beauty and value, and you don’t want to trust your tenants with them except in exceptional circumstances. Though absentee landlords may find an advantage in some kind of tree care arrangement with a tenant, you usually want to have control over your trees to make sure they get the care they need. This does mean, however, that unless it specifically states otherwise in the terms of your lease contract with a tenant you will be responsible for the cost of fallen tree removal.

If you’re a neighbor?

If a neighbor has a fallen tree, it’s their responsibility to remove it. If they fail to do that, or it’s partially on your property, you may have a right to act. Check with Tehama County Code Enforcement about your specific situation. If your neighbor has failed to remove a tree that is a nuisance, they may be liable for a citation. If they’ve failed to remove a fallen tree from your land that fell from theirs, it may be within your rights to remove the tree and seek compensation from the neighbor.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Red Bluff?

The Sacramento Valley has rich soil in which trees thrive, but due to the intense heat and dry season in the area, it can also pose challenges. Red Bluff resides within part of California’s quickly vanishing riparian wetlands, a natural biome characterized by soil rich with decomposing organic matter dispersed by rivers and a high water table. These areas used to cover most of California, but urbanization and drought have driven them back to a selected few areas, mostly within rich river valleys.

Red Bluff has been experiencing changes to its water table though recently that could prevent trees from getting the moisture from soil that they’ve been historically accustomed to. In 2011 the Red Bluff Diversion Dam was permanently opened on the Sacramento River, draining nearby lake Red Bluff and further exacerbating the reduced water table from the escalating drought conditions, as well as killing many of the old-growth trees that grew on the banks of the lake. Due to the reduced moisture in the soil, trees here in Red Bluff need to be monitored to ensure they are getting enough water during the summer months.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Red Bluff?

While the relatively mild cold of our winters doesn’t shake up the hearty oaks, junipers, and buckeyes that are native to the area, species from warmer climates may be affected by frequent below-freezing nights in the winter and cold weather precipitation. For non-indigenous species of trees, however, the real test is the hot, dry months of the summer. Here in Red Bluff, we’ll regularly see highs over 100 degrees at the height of summer, and will frequently go weeks without moisture. Trees not accustomed to this climate will need extra attention, and even some native species may need extra care as drought conditions increase and average temperatures in the summer continue to rise.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Red Bluff?

According to California State law, no one but a specially trained technician can trim or remove trees that are within 10 feet of power lines. The code also mandates that trees not be planted anywhere where the mature height can feasibly come within 10 feet of power lines, but if a tree – alive or dead – is that close to power lines, you will need to call the electric utility for instructions on how to proceed. Attempting to trim trees closer to power lines than 10 feet isn’t only against the law, it can potentially be a fatal hazard. Contact Pacific Gas and Electric immediately if you have a tree that is an issue.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Red Bluff?

Tree removal can cover a wide range of costs in Red Bluff. We see tree removal for as little as $150 all the way up to $1,700 or more for serious jobs. No two trees are alike, and so the cost of any tree removal is going to depend on a few factors in each unique circumstance.

Type of Tree

The type of tree being removed makes a big difference in the tools, planning, and hazards that our arborist has to account for in the cost. A Douglas fir, for instance, has a small trunk and plenty of clearance near the stump typically, whereas a California Juniper often has low-hanging branches that can obstruct access to the base of the trunk. Trees with extremely thick and hearty hardwood trunks like walnuts and oaks can require a lot of work to get out safely and effectively.

Each species of tree will require unique methods for removal without damaging nearby trees or structures. Tree removal is a hazardous job, and our arborists must also think of their safety and the safety of the rest of our crew. Each kind of tree requires a different approach to safe and efficient removal that may alter the cost.


Like one would assume – bigger job, bigger price. Small trees may be quick and easy to remove and pose a minimal safety risk, meaning less labor translated to cost on your invoice. In addition to big trees being more material to haul off and more of a challenge to fell, they can take significant planning to make sure that they come down safely. A tree falling the wrong way can have terrible consequences for nearby people and structures, not to mention other trees. Our expert arborists don’t take chances on a tree causing damage and take the time to do the extra safety planning necessary to ensure a smooth removal. This may translate to more cost for removal, but is preferable to the potential costs of catastrophic damages from trees falling on structures or people.

Tree Health

The size of a tree isn’t the only thing that could affect a safe removal thus affecting the cost of a job. Whether they’re dead or alive, rotten and diseased trees could potentially pose a huge hazard to our arborists as the tree’s trunk and branches may no longer provide the support to the tree they once did. This will require careful analysis of how damaged a tree’s stability is so that no unforeseen accidents happen during removal.


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