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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Paradise?

Pests and diseases rank high among the common tree issues in Paradise. The fir engraver, a native insect, causes extensive mortality on various tree species like the red fir and grand fir. The insect launches its attacks above the plant’s mid-sections and causes branches to die off. Affected trees are also susceptible to the Heterobasidion root disease. 

The mountain pine beetle is also a severe tree menace in the area. Sugar pines and western white pines often succumb to the effects of this insect’s infestations. Severe and protracted drought periods further increase the tree mortality of affected trees. These beetles often survive in stressed, diseased, and injured trees. In addition, the beetles can also carry fungi and impair the tree’s defense system further. 

Phytophthora species also cause extensive disease to Paradise trees. The state of California reported the first infestation of Phytophthora tentaculata back in 2012. This first outbreak occurred on the crowns and roots of declining sticky monkeyflower plants. Phytophthora outbreaks have now become more widespread, causing massive die-offs of native plant species. Ecosystems experience cascading consequences on their health and productivity. Leaves, stems, and roots of affected plants usually undergo necrosis, resulting in the tree’s death.

Trees in Paradise, CA, are susceptible to Cronartium ribicola, which often causes white pine blister rust among tree species. The invasive fungus usually infects different pine species, including limber, western white, limber, foxtail, whitebark, and sugar pines. During the early infection stages, pine needles will experience tiny, yellow spots and yellow mottling. Over time, the branches will swell into spindle-shaped galls while backs become cankered and rough.

Is your tree exhibiting any signs of pest infestation or disease outbreak? Reach out to our tree specialists at Tree Triage for much-needed support in keeping your trees healthy. Removing dead trees or those which have serious virus diseases also ensures that you comply with city laws. Our tree experts can also help you to assess your trees for any signs of infestations periodically. 

Does the City of Paradise Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city’s code requires city authorities to remove trees in imminent danger of falling to an eligible road. Such trees pose a threat to the public at large. The City of Paradise has also set up a government hazard tree removal program that removes hazardous trees on private and public property. Property owners seeking to participate in this program need to complete and submit a right of entry permit to the government. The program ensures that property owners don’t pay anything for hazard tree removal in the area. However, if you hire a private licensed tree specialist, the state hazard tree removal program won’t reimburse the cost of removal and liability. 

In Paradise, CA, you may not need a permit to remove dead, hazardous trees that are too close to your home. Removing little trees due to their small sizes may also not require a license. The state of California, however, protects the removal of endangered trees. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Paradise?

If a tree falls on private property in Paradise, tree removal is usually the property owner’s responsibility. The property owner will also cover the costs of resulting damage from the fallen tree. While these tree rules appear straightforward, disputes often arise when the tree is on a neighbor’s property. Let’s take a look at who should foot the tree removal bill in Paradise. 

If you’re a homeowner?

If a tree in a property owner’s yard falls, the property owner will be responsible for its removal. The same responsibility extends to cases where a property owner’s tree falls. Reach out to your insurance company to find out how much it covers for fallen tree removal. Most home insurance coverage will cover tree removal for trees that fall during storms. Your insurance may, however, fail to include the removal of neglected dead trees or healthy trees. You may also get coverage for invasive trees like Sudden Oak Death. 

If you’re a renter?

If you rent in Paradise, CA, and a tree falls, who should cover the tree removal costs? California’s tree laws clarify that the landlord or property owner takes responsibility for trees on their property. The law considers removing a tree from rental property as a violation of the lease agreement. In exceptions where the landlord can prove that you were guilty of causing the tree fall, you’ll need to pay for the tree removal costs. As a renter, you should notify your landlord about a tree that poses an immediate danger.

If you’re a landlord?

When trees fall due to natural disasters or extreme weather like tornadoes, landlords are usually responsible for them because they own the tree. If you are not sure about who should cover the damage, you could speak to an attorney for clarification. Such instances arise when the tree in question falls on your tenant’s property, and none of you wants to pay for the damages. You could also consult your rental agreement to determine if there is a clause indicating the renter’s responsibility concerning the property’s trees. 

If you’re a neighbor?

In Paradise, where the tree falls, it always determines who pays for the damages. If your neighbor’s tree falls on your property due to natural causes, you’ll be responsible for the tree removal costs. Exceptions only exist if the tree in question is visibly diseased or damaged. The law holds the tree owner liable in these cases. 

If a problematic tree stands near your property line, questions regarding who should pay the tree removal cost always arise. Generally, trees belong to the property owner on whose property the trunk lies. If the tree poses a risk to the surrounding property, the homeowner is responsible for its removal and underlying costs. As a neighbor, you could inform the property owner about the tree’s condition. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Paradise?

Paradise, CA soils are usually well-drained brown loam in most areas. In some areas, the soil grades to clay loam with increasing depth. Most of Paradise’s soils develop on volcanic material, forming the bedrock for native trees. The deep soils help hold the tree roots firmly and minimize the risk of uprooted trees during tornadoes. 

Unhealthy soils often constrict tree roots from accessing necessary water and nutrients. Trees planted on such soils often experience stunted growth, brittle limbs, and leaf discoloration. Before planting, you may want to request our tree specialists to test your soil to ensure that it is suitable for the trees. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Paradise?

Extensive drought periods in Paradise leave behind lingering impacts on the city’s tree health. The 2018 CampFire, for example, took advantage of the drought conditions and killed millions of trees while leaving numerous others weakened. During such seasons, trees are also prone to increased pest infestation and disease outbreaks. Planting drought-resistant trees like the brittlebush, tree anemone, big sagebrush, and creeping barberry can help property owners circumvent the drought problem. 

Harsh winters in the area also have devastating effects on trees. Native tree roots can freeze and deprive the tree of much-needed nutrients and water. Affected trees find it difficult to survive such extreme conditions. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Paradise?

Trees growing next to power lines pose a safety risk and cause power surges, fires, or blackouts. Property owners need to keep foliage and branches clear of power lines and electrical infrastructure. If a dead tree is close to a power line, you may need to find professionals to handle the tree removal project. Working with professional arborist services like Tree Triage reduces the involved risks while guaranteeing safety to nearby people and property. 

California utility laws require utility companies to maintain clearance between vegetation and high voltage power lines, especially during fire season. Such practices go a long way in minimizing wildfires. Public utilities also come in handy in the removal of dead trees that can fall on power lines. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) enforces these rules and regulations to guarantee public safety and electric service reliability. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Paradise?

Fallen tree removal costs range from $150 to $1900, with many property owners paying an average of $622. In most instances, tree removal costs for a fallen tree are generally cheaper than removing a standing tree. Our tree specialists don’t have to deal with getting a fallen tree to the ground, hence the lower price. The tree’s trunk diameter, location, and height/size influence the overall tree removal costs. In some cases, the tree’s ease of access may also affect the tree removal cost implications. 

Tree Size

Generally, you’ll pay more to complete bigger tree removal. Tree removal projects involving larger trees often pose more safety hazards and risks than small tree removal. The special equipment we need for tall tree removal further heightens the removal costs. 

Tree Accessibility

Access to heavy machinery often makes a difference to the overall tree removal costs. For example, removing a 40ft tree in your easily accessible front yard may cost half for the same size in a backyard with poor access. Better access often translates to a quicker and less costly job.

Extra Services

Once we complete the tree removal job, you may want to pay for additional tree work services. The extra services like stump removal, log splitting, and wood chipping usually increase the overall tree removal costs. Homeowners can pay anything between $175 and $516 for stump removal. The price might be slightly lower if you opt for stump grinding.


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