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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues In Healdsburg?

There are numerous issues that trees can commonly encounter here in Healdsburg. The typical northern California pests like borers and bark beetles commonly pop up on trees around here. Several types of fungus that grow on leaves can be common during moist months in early spring. These issues need to be dealt with quickly to prevent them from migrating to other trees in the area. While most maladies the trees here face can be treated effectively, it’s important to be informed about what is affecting your trees and why to encourage their long-term health.

There is one tree disease that every property owner in California needs to be constantly vigilant of– Sudden Oak Death. Sudden Oak Death is a blight first discovered in North America in 2003. Since then, it has swept across many areas and totally devastated entire populations of oaks. Efforts to contain it have had limited effectiveness, and the disease continues to spread rapidly through both forests and cities in California. One of the first symptoms of SOD is often a thick, reddish sap leaking out of the trunk, but it can quickly progress to fatal stages. Any trees carrying this pathogen will need to be removed as soon as possible before they can spread the illness.

Does the City of Healdsburg Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Unfortunately, Healdsburg doesn’t offer any assistance with the removal of trees on private property. In fact, if you have a particularly old tree growing on your property, you may need a permit to remove it. If your tree has been listed in the past as a heritage tree by The City of Healdsburg, then you will be required to apply for a permit to remove it through the Planning and Building Department.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Healdsburg?

In California, typically the owner of the property that the tree grows on is responsible for the removal of a fallen tree. This means even if the tree falls onto another property, the owner of the tree is still responsible for its removal. It’s also worth noting though, you’re often not liable for damage that may be caused by one of your trees falling onto another property. These are usually considered no-fault incidents by insurance companies, though if you had previous notice from the city or from a neighbor that the tree was unhealthy or in danger of falling, you could find yourself financially liable for any damage that was a result of it falling.

If you’re a homeowner?

Here in Healdsburg, we love our trees. The unique trees on your property give it that characteristic aesthetic and distinguish it from other similar properties. Having healthy, well-established trees growing on your property could be a significant boost to the value of your investment over time. With all the advantages to the trees on your property, there are some obligations for upkeep and maintenance that come along with them. Though it may occasionally be a hassle to remove fallen trees, it’s well worth the advantages of cultivating a healthy ecosystem for trees on your property.

If you’re a renter?

If you live in a rental unit here in Healdsburg, chances are the obligation to care for the trees and, when necessary, removing them will fall on your landlord and not you. Trees are considered permanent features of a property and therefore usually end up being the responsibility of the property owner, just like maintenance of permanent buildings on the property. Though tenants are frequently tasked within lease agreements to do regular upkeep, such as lawn care, tree care generally does not fall within these guidelines.

If your rental property has fallen trees that need to be removed, your first call should always be to your landlord. Whether they’d like you to arrange for its removal and deal with the details or call us themselves, the trees are their property, and any decision that could affect other trees or buildings in the area should be left to them.

If you’re a landlord?

If you own a rental property in Healdsburg, unless the terms of your lease agreement specifically task tenants with tree maintenance, removal of trees is likely your responsibility. Your rental home is an investment property and trees literally grow the value of your property over time. While it may be convenient, particularly for absentee landlords, to allow the details of tree care to fall on tenants, you shouldn’t be letting other people determine decisions that can be crucial to the long-term value of your investment.

Ensure that your tenants know that any issues with trees need to be reported to you immediately. By promptly handling tree care issues and communicating with your tenants, you can eliminate the possibility that someone will take matters into their own hands and permanently alter the trees on your property. Under the California rental code, you have an obligation to provide reasonable upkeep of your rental property and that includes promptly removing fallen trees when needed.

If you’re a neighbor?

If one of your neighbors here in Healdsburg has fallen trees that need removal, they have an obligation under the Healdsburg city code to remove them before they can become a public nuisance. It’s always better when possible to be patient with your neighbors and communicate thoroughly, but fallen trees left for long periods of time to linger can easily bring harmful pests and diseases to the area that could start affecting your property. You care for your home, and nuisance ordinances exist specifically to prevent people like you from being harmed by the negligence of routine property upkeep.

If a neighbor’s tree falls on your property, it’s even more imperative that they remove the tree swiftly. Even if it’s on your property, it’s still their tree, and their responsibility to remove it. If you have to remove it before they get to it because it was causing hardship or inconvenience, then they will be obligated to compensate you for the costs you incur during removal.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Healdsburg?

As a city nestled into one of the few riparian wetlands left in California, Healdsburg has amazing, nutrient-rich soils that are great for growing trees. Our soil tends, in most places, to be sand-heavy loam. These soils are formed by repeated flooding washing over minerals deposited from glacial runoff and are a mixture of decaying organic compounds, silt, natural clays, and sand. Thanks to the waters of the Russian River, the sand in our soil tends to be composed of finer grains than most loam soils, which can lead to some challenges.

Finer grain sand in the soil can be great for moisture retention, but for all those same reasons, it can create challenges absorbing moisture. Finer grains tend to stick together better when wet, and as the soil sucks in moisture, the soil adheres to itself better. This means that wet soil often gets less porous as it takes on water. Instead of running through the soil, excess water can sit on top without absorbing. This can create a large downward push on soil that can often pack soil even more tightly together. Then as the soil dries, the clays in the soil that expanded when wet begin to contract again. The sand that was compressed no longer sticks to itself, and the soil shifts and collapses to fill voids vacated by shrinking clay.

While the soil here won’t be throwing sinkholes or anything so dramatic as that at you, the tendency of soil to shift between wet and dry periods should be paid serious attention to for healthy trees over the long term. Shifts in the soil can compromise the structural integrity of trees gradually. Sudden shifts after long periods of rainfall can commonly leave roots exposed, which leaves trees vulnerable to disease and exposure.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Healdsburg?

Here in Sonoma County, farming has been a big part of our culture since the beginning for one big reason the – weather is perfect for plants. The same is true of trees. Our cool, wet winters seldom bring snow but frequently have rain showers that trees happily soak up. Our summers can get quite dry by contrast, but most types of trees historically have done quite fine through the height of the summer. With very few days above 90 degrees a year, very few types of trees will struggle with the short summer season.

As for most of California, drought management has become a regular part of life here in Sonoma County in recent years. With our county’s welfare being so intrinsically linked to our community’s agricultural successes, it would not be advisable to plant trees that will require excessive amounts of water during a drought. Most trees are more than fine to go without any water other than what the ground and sky provide them, and planting a tree that’s used to much wetter environments would be a mistake. Not only would your tree suffer from being without water during periods of water use limitation, but that could also waste precious water that wouldn’t be necessary if you’d only planted any of the dozen species of tree that grow perfectly here.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Healdsburg?

Trees should always be kept a safe distance away from power lines so that if any part of them falls it is still a safe distance away from the lines. If, however, dead trees are near power lines, it’s too late already for preventative maintenance. 

It is absolutely essential if there is any risk of any part of the tree crossing transmission lines or transformer boxes, the work must be handled by a trained technician from the power utility company. Working near power lines can be a huge risk, particularly for someone without the training and tools to accomplish it the right way. Other than the obvious risk of high-voltage electric shock, interference with power lines can lead to widespread electric outages and can result in costly and dangerous fires.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Healdsburg?

In a community that takes as much pride in its agriculture as we do here in Sonoma county, it can be pretty affordable to get tree removal done around here. Every tree we’ve removed is a unique undertaking though, and there are several factors that can have serious impacts on the potential cost of any given tree removal job. The average cost of tree removal in the area is around $680, with most jobs falling between $200 and $2,200.


A bigger tree means a bigger job. Not only do large trees mean more material to manage and to remove from the property and dispose of, but they can also pose serious logistical challenges to tree removal. Big trees can cause us a serious safety hazard while we work to remove your tree and, as a result, the job will take more effort and more sophisticated tools to do it safely. 

Type and Shape of Tree

Some trees can take a little bit more to remove than others. Dense junipers and cedars, for instance, will require a lot more work to remove than firs or pines. For gnarled or inconsistently shaped trees, it might require additional planning to ensure that the tree falls in the intended direction and can be removed safely.


The health of your tree may continue to affect it, even after it’s dead. For trees that have been dead a long time, the rot will often set in. This could make removal much more difficult, as rotten branches and limbs tend to splinter in unpredictable ways. For trees that were killed by pests or diseases, infestation, or pathogens may still be present within the tree, in which case we’ll have to take additional steps to protect the other trees on your property.


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