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What Are The Most Common Tree Issues In Fresno?

Fresno is a very beautiful town located in the San Joaquin Valley. Ironically it was named for its abundance of ash trees that grow along the San Joaquin River, the longest river in California. The common issues with trees in the greater Fresno area are pretty much in line with other areas of California. That being said, the trees in northern California also suffer from many tree diseases such as:

  • Anthracnose. A fungal disease that takes form in the trees’ leaves by leaving black or scorch like marks that resemble fire damage, which is also another big contributor to tree issues in Fresno.
  • Crow Rot. A soil-borne fungus that typically affects garden and shrub plants, but in the past decade, has seemed to spread to trees in this area as well. The sign of this disease is rot spots that begin to appear at or near the base of the tree, and then eventually in the root system, causing the tree to die.
  • Aspen Canker. The signs of this disease are oval spots of rot that resemble a “canker sore.” This is the direct result of a number of fungi that enter the root system and affect the Aspen variety of trees.
  • Dutch Elm Disease. Takes form in dark or black streaks just under the bark. If you suspect that your Dutch Elm has this disease, it is best to get a tree professional involved as soon as possible.

While this area seems to be prone to several types of tree diseases, there is also the threat of fire on an annual basis. California’s wildfires account for more than 80% of all tree issues throughout the state. With all of those fires, claiming all of those trees dead, or dying trees in and around the fire area, are another concern for this area as well. Disease and fire contribute to the more common issues with trees and that is why having our tree professionals standing by for your tree issues is all the more important in the greater Fresno area.

Does The City of Fresno Provide Any Assistance In Tree Removal Problems?

Fresno’s urban forests are those trees that are both public and private. The trees that the city is directly responsible for maintaining only make up about 20% of those categories. That leaves the majority of trees in private residential yards. While the city is directly responsible for any tree removal issues with regard to the city right of way, some residential trees infringe on that right of way and the city will provide assistance in the maintenance and possible removal of those trees. Let’s take a look at specific tree issues within the city.

Emergency Issues

The Landscape and Maintenance Division of the City of Fresno is available and responsive to tree problems 24 hours a day. They handle the normal stuff you see in and around town, such as limbs down on the street or otherwise damaged trees. They have a 24-hour response line and can be reached at (559) 621-CITY.

Tree Trimming

The Landscape and Maintenance Division are responsible for pruning and trimming the city’s trees in 1/4 mile sections at a time. If they maintain this pace, it would take them 16 years to trim the entire city one time. If a homeowner wishes to have a tree trimmed out of the trim cycle, they may do so by obtaining a free tree trimming permit when they call the (559) 621-CITY number. Costs for all trees trimmed out of their cycle will be the sole responsibility of the homeowner. 

Root Removal

The City of Fresno does not have any root pruning services in place. Any homeowner can trim the root system of a tree given that it is more than 4 feet from the trunk or enters private property.

Tree Removals

Trees that are deemed to be a danger to the public or diseased are removed by the Landscape and Maintenance Division. The city has at its disposal a certified arborist that will determine if the tree meets removal or replacement criteria set forth by the City of Fresno. If this tree is on a homeowner’s property, and the certified arborist has deemed it to meet the criteria, it will be removed at no expense to the homeowner. If the tree is not diseased and the homeowner wishes to have it removed, the homeowner will be responsible for all tree removal expenses after obtaining the proper permits for tree removal.

So, yes – the City of Fresno does provide assistance with tree removal if the tree poses a threat to safety, is diseased, or has become downed. This is an added feature to living in the greater Fresno area as most cities do not provide this much in the way of assisting homeowners with their tree issues.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Fresno?

When it comes to issues that involve fallen trees in Fresno, or any other part of California for that matter, all disputes are settled according to The Definitive Guide to Tree Disputes in California, an actual 26-page report found in the Hastings Law Journal, circa 2015. In this report, which serves as the final say-so for tree disputes in the state, there are answers to some of the following questions that we will discuss here. Let’s begin by looking at who is responsible for tree removal if you are a homeowner.

If you’re a homeowner?

If you own a home within the greater Fresno area, or to be a bit more specific, within the city limits of Fresno, the tree can fall two ways. If the tree is down and on city property, the city picks up the tab, as we discussed earlier. Even if you are a homeowner and the tree has been deemed a public nuisance or diseased by the Landscape and Maintenance Division Arborist, the City will take care of it. If the tree has fallen due to a storm or other natural disaster, and you live within city limits, again the city will assist. Homeownership has its perks when it comes to fallen trees in the greater Fresno area.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent a home or apartment in Fresno, the person who owns the property would be the responsible party. If you rent, and you just want to have a tree removed, it would be left to the discretion of the landowner, but the renter would be on the hook for the actual expense of the tree removal in Fresno. Most tree disputes between landlord and renter are settled via the above-mentioned report regarding tree disputes in California.

If you’re a landlord?

If you own rental property, you are in the same boat as a homeowner. You do have at your disposal the city’s tree removal system if the property in question falls within the city limits of Fresno. If the person renting your property just wants a tree removed, and it poses no immediate danger, and you, the landlord, agree that it can be removed, then you are within your legal rights to charge your renter for the tree removal costs in Fresno.

If you’re a neighbor?

Disputes amongst neighbors are plentiful throughout California and tree disputes are no exception. It pays to know what laws are specific to these issues when it comes to one of those situations where a tree is posing a threat, but nobody wishes to assume any responsibility for the tree removal. The issues with neighbors and trees are some of the more common small claims court issues that judges in California face and there are quite a few lawyers that have written some interesting pieces about their experiences with regard to these issues of tree removal in Fresno as well as the rest of the state.

How Does The Soil Affect Trees In Fresno?

Despite being a coastal state, the entire state of California, and the greater Fresno area, has a very healthy mixture of fine-loamy, high-alkaline soils that are actually very conducive to a healthy tree root system. Even the areas located along the coast have a sandy-soil mix that is nothing like the soils that you would typically find in a coastal community. According to reports from the USDA, the soils in California fall into 3 categories, in which all are very healthy and do not pose a threat to the overall health of trees. That being said, in the coastal areas the soil is also a very healthy mix for the abundance of palm trees native to California, but for the purpose of this guide we are only focused on the soil in and around the greater Fresno area. So, in a word, NO, soil does not affect the trees in Fresno.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Fresno?

Fresno actually lies in the “Goldilocks Zone” with regard to its climate for growing trees and overall tree health. That simply means that the weather is just right for trees and root systems of trees to thrive. But there is always the threat of drought, as the state of California, as a whole, is a very dry state. Even the northern tier of the state, with its cooler temperatures and higher rainfall totals, fall far behind the national average. So, it would seem that the biggest weather threat to tree health in Fresno would be the dry conditions. These dry conditions also contribute to the threat of wildfires that we already know plague this state on an annual basis. The Fresno area seems to have it a bit better than most of the state and weather patterns do not affect tree health in the greater Fresno area.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines In Fresno?

The City of Fresno has in place the Landscape and Maintenance Division that we mentioned and discussed at length earlier. This arm of the Fresno City government plays a vital role in keeping the trees at bay from the city’s power line infrastructure. When storms come through and downed trees and tree limbs have interrupted the transfer of power, the city has the Department of Public Utilities, which is the local power authority, and on their webpage is the needed information on reporting downed trees on power lines. Sometimes these things happen outside the scope of the department and the city wishes to express their gratitude to responsible citizens promptly reporting any tree issues with regard to power line disturbances.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost In Fresno?

While the City of Fresno may play a vital role in assisting its residents with tree removal costs, there are, however, many times when the city either cannot or will not foot the bill. When you have to pay for tree removal in Fresno, how much are you going to be spending? That is the question we are going to outline here in the next section of our guide. First, let’s take a look at what the low, high, and average costs are. Then, let’s look at some contributing factors that can cause the price to go either way. First, let’s look at the average cost of tree removal in Fresno.

  • Minimum cost for tree removal – $553
  • Maximum cost for tree removal – $750
  • Average cost for tree removal – $651

The Size of the Tree to Be Removed

Size tends to be the largest contributing factor across the nation for driving up the cost of tree removal. When it comes to tree removal in Fresno, let’s look at what your costs could be depending on the size of the tree in question.

  • Average cost to remove a 20-foot tree – $240 to $420
  • Average cost to remove a 40-foot tree – $480 to $840
  • Average cost to remove a 60-foot tree – $720 to $1,260

Depending on the height of the tree you are having removed, the tree removal might require the use of one of our three-man crews. That is the next cost factor.

How Many People Will the Tree Removal Require?

Tree removal in Fresno, performed by one of our three-man crews, can run you about $246 per hour for the labor charge. On average, a three-man crew can affect the cost of tree removal from a low of $211 per hour, to a high of $282 per hour. If we need smaller teams or larger teams, your total will be less or more, respectively.

Things That Might Make Your Tree Removal in Fresno Cheaper

There are some contributing factors that can actually lower your tree removal cost in Fresno! Some of those things are:

  • The tree is small
  • The site is easily accessible
  • Not a lot of equipment or manpower is required (tree may already be down)
  • Requesting tree removal in the off season

When you need tree removal service in Fresno, you can trust our dedicated professional team of tree experts to answer your questions and guide you through the tree removal process.


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