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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Fremont?

The biggest problem facing trees in Fremont is a pruning method called “tree topping.” The process involves the removal of the top part of the tree to decrease its size. Our professional arborists maintain that this is not a good practice. There are a few reasons someone would choose to top a tree, including: 

  • Interference from nearby electrical wires
  • Shortening tall trees growing near homes
  • Preventing down trees during storms

These are great reasons to maintain your trees, but tree topping is not the right practice to use. Instead, hire our professionals to help manage the size of your trees. If a tree on your property has already been topped, our experts can help correct the problem.

Another problem facing trees in Fremont is when a tree is planted too close to a building. If you are going to plant a tree near a building, you want to follow these spacing guidelines:

  • Small Trees (Under 30 feet) — 10 feet from a building
  • Medium Trees (30 – 60 feet) — 15 feet from a building
  • Large Trees (70+ feet) — 20 feet from a building

When it comes to giving a tree enough room to grow, it’s always best to leave more space rather than less.

Does the City of Fremont Provide Any Assistance With Tree Problems?

Fremont offers a 50/50 program to its residents that can help pay for the cost of pruning, maintaining, and removing trees from your property. The program covers up to 50% of the cost up to a limit of $750.00 per tree. They will help remove up to two trees on one property. Sidewalk repair, trees planted as part of community development, and work on private streets are not included.

The resident will need a tree permit from the city to prune or remove a tree from your yard. We can apply for the permit for you to make your life a little easier!

There must be serious problems with a tree to allow its removal. The criteria that need to be met to qualify are listed on the City of Fremont’s website.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Fremont?

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners in Fremont are responsible for maintaining all trees on their property. A proper tree permit must be filed and granted to allow a homeowner to plant a tree on their property. The tree permits will only be awarded to licensed tree contractors. Homeowners must hire a licensed tree contractor to plant or remove any trees on their property. Luckily, all of our specialists at Tree Triage are licensed and certified.

Homeowners are responsible for all costs associated with costs related to planting or removal on their private property.

Since major budget cuts hit the city of Fremont in 2010, it is now the responsibility of the homeowners to maintain all street trees adjacent to their property. This includes ensuring that there is at least a 10-foot clearing above the sidewalk and the street so that nearby pedestrians and traffic can pass unobstructed. All street signs must be obvious.

The homeowner is also responsible for removing any dead, decaying, or broken limbs or branches from the tree, including those that fall into the street or onto the sidewalk. The homeowner must remove all debris that falls from the tree.

Homeowners must replace any landscaping missing according to the approved development plan.

Residents may be able to save some trees through strategic pruning. However, if a tree requires removal, the homeowner is responsible for all costs associated with removing the tree.

If a person is injured, an unmaintained tree adjacent damages their property, and the homeowner is responsible for all injuries and properties involved. The City of Fremont shall take necessary action against the homeowner to pay to the satisfaction of the filing party. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters need to report any problems with a tree on the property to their landlord promptly. The landlord is responsible for the maintenance, removal, and planting of all trees on their property. All costs are to be covered by the landlord. Landlords must follow all ordinances set forth by the city of Fremont when addressing tree issues on the property.

If a tree is posing a safety concern or problem and the landlord is unresponsive, the tenant may report the problem to the city of Fremont.

If you are a landlord?

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the property is a well-maintained and safe place for your tenant to live. That includes maintaining the home itself as well as the property that the tenant lives on. Suppose trees on the property or street trees adjacent to the property need to be appropriately pruned, removed, or replanted. In that case, it is the property owner’s responsibility (landlord) to promptly take care of the issue. All costs associated with the trees are also the responsibility of the landlord.

The landlord is responsible for following the rules for removing and replanting trees in Fremont. Landlords also need a permit to remove or plant a tree. Permits will only be issued to licensed contractors and not to individual residents who own property within the city. That’s why you should call us to handle the removal or transplant for you.

If you are a neighbor?

There’s nothing quite like a dispute between neighbors to make a living next to each other more challenging. No one wants disputes between neighbors. No one wants to have a neighbor who argues with them constantly. If a tree on your property falls into your neighbor’s yard, it’s your job to clean up the mess and fix the property damage. Doing the right thing and taking care of any costs associated with the tree removal and property damage related to a tree that fell onto a neighbor’s property can help keep your relationship with your neighbors a positive one.

How Does the Soil Affect the Trees in Fremont?

According to the Alameda County Soil Survey, the soil in the region was tested at the Danville testing site. The topsoil has the highest level of erosion risk. The topsoil is the soil that usually measures 6 to 8 inches deep. The topsoil has moderate to severe runoff potential. The soil in the layers underneath the topsoil was shown to have only slight to moderate runoff risks. 

The shrink-swell potential of soil is characterized by the amount of rainfall in the area and the drainage that is in place. Lakes in water pipes under the ground can also change the shrink-swell potential of the soil in an area. The soil in the Danville study has various amounts of clay loam that give the soil in the area a moderate shrink-swell potential.

When planting trees in Fremont, you need to consider the soil that is in the area. Some trees approved for planting by the city include Blue Oak, Gingko, and Red Maple. The full list of trees that handle the shrink-swell and the clay loam in the soil includes the trees on this list.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Fremont?

The weather in Fremont is generally warm and arid in the summer, and winters are cold, short, and wet. Temperatures generally vary anywhere from 43 to 82 degrees throughout the year. Fremont gets about 16 inches of rain per year (compared to the 38 inches that are average in the US). 

The most severe problem that faces trees in Fremont is high temperatures and the extreme heat the comes with the summer. Prolonged periods of dry heat can be harsh on the trees. It’s essential to ensure that enough vegetation is available to help keep trees covered and healthy throughout the long, arid California summers.

The risk of damage from precipitation is low. Proper management and conservation of groundwater in the city of Fremont help keep the trees watered and the risk from precipitation minimal to the plant life in the area. Gray water use can provide additional watering for trees and vegetation when precipitation is low and droughts exist.

Wildfires are a more common phenomenon in California during the dry, windy, and arid summers. The wildfire risk to the trees in Fremont is marked at a moderate level. Wildfire risks are mitigated by consistently working with the local authorities and emergency departments in Fremont to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to mitigate the wildfire risks where possible.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Fremont?

Dead trees near power lines are a risk that should be taken seriously. In the city of Fremont, a permit is always required to remove a tree. The city will issue a tree permit for any tree that is a risk because it is located near a utility and can cause extensive damage to the utility. This includes trees located near sewers, water mains, or power lines. Once a permit is issued, only a licensed tree removal company like Tree Triage can remove the tree from near the power line. This is critical to ensure that the tree is removed safely and no one is injured during the removal process.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Fremont?

The cost to remove a tree will depend on what is entailed with removing the tree. While the average cost to remove a tree in Fremont is around $1,035.00, many factors can make that number smaller or larger. 

The following are factors that can influence the cost of how much it costs to remove a tree in Fremont:

Tree Size

The size of the tree will help determine how much it costs to remove the tree. The following chart is a great estimate of what it will cost to remove a tree:

  • Tree Under 30 Feet: $100 to $300 
  • Trees 30 to 60 Feet: $300 to $700 
  • Trees From 60 to 80 Feet: $700 to $1,100
  • Trees 80+ Feet: $1,100 to $1,800 or more

The price will vary based on your given situation, but these are general estimates of what you can expect to pay.

Tree Condition

The tree’s condition will help predict how much (or little) it costs to remove it. It will depend on how much manual labor is required to remove the tree. The more labor you have to pay for, the more it will cost.


Depending on if the tree is located close to a home or structure or if it’s located near utilities, the tree may cost more to remove if additional precautions have to be taken. The more time we spend removing a tree, the more money it will cost.


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