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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Chino?

The ailments that can impact trees in the Chino, California area are unfortunately numerous and dangerous to the overall environment of the area. Understand that a variety of diseases, as well as rapid weather swings in the area, can cause the local trees to sustain damages that can literally wipe them off the face of the Earth. 

Fusarium Wilt is one disease that is commonly seen on trees in the Chino area and throughout the state of California. It is a fungal disease that is known to go after food crops, but it has also been particularly devastating to the iconic California palm trees that are in the area. This nasty disease attacks the roots of the trees first and deprives those trees of the essential water they need to survive and grow. Thus, Fusarium Wilt is a particularly difficult disease to manage. 

That one is bad, but Chino residents also need to look out for Fire Blight. This disease is very contagious among trees, and it is typically first noticed in the early spring. It doesn’t go after all types of trees, but the danger of this disease is simply how easily it spreads from one tree to another. Entire fields of trees have been known to be wiped out by this disease rather rapidly. 

Diseases are not the only factor that comes up as a common issue for trees in Chino. Pests are another concern and another leading cause of trees dying in the area. Bugs such as Oak Worms, Palmetto Weevils, and Royal Palm Bugs are also known to attack trees in the area. They feast on the nutrients that were meant for the trees. Depriving the trees of those essential nutrients causes them to wilt, and ultimately, die. It is a tragic scenario that plays out all too often in Chino.

Does the City of Chino Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The Public Works Department of the city of Chino hires some everyday heroes who perform a variety of public services that need to be done in order to keep the city vibrant and thriving. One of the things that they list as a service performed is tree trimming. They do this to keep the trees from invading essential services, such as roads and power lines. 

Tree trimming services provided by the city have already been paid for via the taxes that local residents pay into the system. They expect to get something in return for those taxes, and tree trimming is included in the list of things that city residents can count on. This is a fortunate spot to be in as many cities are not nearly as accommodating. 

While the city is happy to step in for tree trimming to protect public property, this does not necessarily mean that they will be involved in a full tree removal project. This is particularly true if the tree removal is being done simply for the benefit of the property owner themselves. If that is the service that one seeks, then the best path forward for that is to call us for assistance. We can work on a project that merely adds value to a property even if it does not directly serve a public safety interest.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Chino?

If you’re a homeowner? 

There are entire volumes of published legal articles in the Library of Congress concerning the legal responsibility for tree removal and the settlement of disputes over tree removals. Unfortunately, for the homeowner, the news is not great as far as their legal responsibility in these matters. It turns out that the homeowner is virtually always the one left to foot the bill. A tree that is rooted on the homeowner’s property is their responsibility from a legal point of view. It doesn’t matter if that tree hangs over into another property or if it is directly in the middle of one’s land. As long as it is rooted on the homeowner’s property, they are going to be dealing with it. 

If you’re a renter? 

Some people say that being a renter is a bad thing and a big waste of money. Those people likely aren’t thinking about the responsibilities that renters are able to get out of simply because they do not own the property that they reside in. A renter is not legally responsible for a downed tree, but they may be the one who has to get their hands dirty and take care of it if they work out a deal with their landlord. Often, it is faster for the renter to hire a service to remove the tree rather than to wait on the landlord to do so. However, in that event, the renter should make sure they get the cost of removal taken out of their rent. 

If you’re a landlord? 

Landlords typically need to take care of a downed tree when that tree is rooted in their property. It is all spelled out in the California handbook of tenant’s and landlord’s rights and responsibilities. These rules are to be taken seriously, as they are based on established law in the state. Landlords should want to get involved as quickly as possible anyway to preserve the value of their property and the relationship they have with their neighbors. 

If you’re a neighbor? 

A tree may fall into a neighbor’s property when it dies. This is irritating to most neighbors, but it doesn’t mean that they are legally responsible for cleaning it up. Something has happened to their property that has caused them a burden, but they do not need to feel like they have to shell out money to take care of it. They are only responsible for their own property, and that does not include whatever trees may happen to fall on their land. It is a good idea as a neighbor to inform those responsible for cleaning this up their need to take care of this situation as soon as possible. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Chino?

Trees need firm and sturdy soil to grow properly. Sadly, the soil in Chino, California does not tend to have that quality. When soil surveys are conducted in the area, the soil routinely shows up as having qualities that make it prone to flooding and a general inability to hold roots firmly in the ground. This upsetting fact means that a lot of trees in Chino are highly vulnerable to changes in weather or even to growing at all in the best of conditions. It is something to watch out for as it becomes that much easier for trees to fall over and require a removal service to come out. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Chino?

Weather concerns are at an all-time high in Chino, as well as the rest of the state, due to changes to the environment as a result of climate change. The city has seen much more volatile weather in the last few decades than at any time in its recorded past. Storms are stronger and temperatures are climbing to higher levels than ever before. Chino trees are often damaged by all of this activity, and the people of Chino need to be seriously concerned about the possibility of their trees falling into a neighbor’s property whenever the weather gets like this. 

There are dangerous times all year long, but the hottest months of the summer are a time to really be on the lookout. Forest fires are a frequent occurrence, and one fire alone can have a tremendous impact on the forest life that exists in Chino. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Chino?

As mentioned above, the Public Works Department of Chino is very active in the tree trimming business in the city. They also step in when trees are near power lines and are threatening to fall into those lines. They always want to save people from as much potential harm as possible in terms of trees damaging property or causing other disruptions to people’s routine business. Power lines and dying trees are a dangerous combination, as a tree that falls over on a power line can literally knock out power for hundreds or even thousands of residents in the city. 

Typically, the city will have worked on trimming back any trees that are close to power lines before they become a serious threat to take out those lines, but they can’t always get to all of them, and this means that there is still a potential for danger here. The city should be notified right away if any tree appears to be close to a power line or otherwise poses a risk to people in the area. Public servants want to know what is going on so they can step in before things become a bigger problem. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Chino?

Tree removal in Chino typically falls between $350 and $2,000, but the total can vary based on the below factors:

Size of Tree 

There is no doubt that the size and diameter of a tree that needs to be removed plays a role in how much it costs to remove that tree. The reality is that the bigger the tree, the more equipment is necessary to remove it, and that means a higher cost for the individual requesting the service. 

Time of Year

We see busier times of year and slower times of year. When demand for their services is high, we sometimes have to request a higher payment to receive service. Those dreaded summer months when trees begin to fall over left and right from the heat can be some of the most expensive times to require service, but it is still a good idea to get it done right away. 

Purpose of Removal

A tree that requires immediate removal due to it being a public safety hazard can sometimes cost more than a tree removed simply for one’s viewing pleasure. The urgency of removal, in this case, determines the outcome.


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