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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Brentwood?

Like much of California, Brentwood is a paradise for many types of trees. The warm climate allows species that range from palm trees and fruit trees to massive redwoods. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that trees in Brentwood face no challenges. In fact, there are some issues that have a major impact on tree growth and survival. The most common tree issues in Brentwood include:


While Brentwood residents enjoy a wealth of sunshine, it comes at a price. California’s dry climate robs trees of essential hydration required for growth and ideal health. This means many imported tree species need considerable extra care and still may not survive in Brentwood. While native trees often adjust to the dry climate, young trees typically need supplemental watering during extremely dry periods to avoid malnourishment and early tree death.


Sadly, long-term drought and wildfires often go hand in hand and can have devastating effects on trees. Wildfires actually occur so frequently in California that some trees have developed thicker bark. Since there is no way to protect trees against wildfires, it’s recommended that you avoid planting trees close together to prevent fire from jumping from one tree to the next. It’s also advisable to avoid planting trees too close to your home.


The warm climate in Brentwood means that trees and vegetation aren’t the only things thriving in the area. California is home to many insects that make trees their home and primary source of nourishment. Insects pose a major problem in orchards and for residents growing citrus and other fruit trees.

  • Asian Citrus Psyllid: This insect causes serious damage to fruit trees and often results in tree death. Symptoms include fruit that remains green and doesn’t ripen. Foliage becomes stunted and twig dieback occurs rapidly.
  • Mexican Fruit Fly: A serious pest to many fruits especially citrus and mango, Mexican Fruit Flies reproduce rapidly and feed on fruit.
  • Light Brown Apple Moth: Affecting a variety of fruit trees, these moths lay 2 to 170 eggs at a time. The larvae feed on fruit and leaves of affected trees causing reduced growth rate of the tree and damaged fruit.
  • Oak worms: The larvae of the Tussock moth, oak worms infest oak trees and feed heavily on the leaves. Left untreated, the worms can eliminate the majority of foliage on the affected tree, making it incapable of producing the nourishment it needs to survive.


Like pests, diseases that attack trees can cause the tree’s health to decline and eventually result in the death of the tree. Other diseases simply weaken the tree and make it more vulnerable to other threats. The most common tree diseases in Brentwood include:

  • Citrus Greening: Spread by the Asian Citrus Psyllid, citrus greening results in fruits that remain bitter and green on one side with a dark aborted seed.
  • Anthracnose: Spread by fungus, this disease isn’t fatal when properly treated. Symptoms include yellow-brown spots on leaves, stems, and flowers, which eventually turn to sunken lesions. 
  • Fire Blight: A bacterial disease that’s incredibly contagious, fire blight affects all parts of the tree, giving them a dark brown, scorched appearance. When left untreated, it can cause premature tree death.
  • Fusarium Wilt: Caused by fungus, this disease affects palm trees. As the fungus grows, it interferes with water transport and causes the wilting and yellowing of leaves. The disease continually spreads to new growth until the tree eventually dies.


Due to its dense population, California also experiences significant air and soil pollution. These conditions can be tough on trees. While it’s true that trees help to eliminate the pollution in the area, the process of doing so can cause a decline in tree health. Pollutants in the air can slow the growth of trees and present poor health conditions like yellowing foliage and branch dieback. These conditions make trees more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Trees that die in large groups can contribute to increased occurrences of wildfires in the area.

Does the City of Brentwood Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Technically, the city doesn’t provide assistance in the removal of trees on private property. However, it is the responsibility of the city to maintain trees planted on city property including medians, parkways, parks, common areas, and open space. Additionally, the city provides consultations with residents to address problems maintaining and removing or replacing problem street trees.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Brentwood?

The City of Brentwood is responsible for over 23,000 trees located throughout public parks, open spaces, medians, and parkways. These trees are maintained and removed by city forestry staff if necessary. However, the responsibility of fallen tree removal on private property falls to the homeowner, or in some cases, the HOA board in the area.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner in Brentwood, you’re responsible for the maintenance of trees on your private property and street trees adjoining the property. Included in these maintenance responsibilities is the removal and replacement of dead or dying street trees. The removal of dead or hazardous street trees requires approval and a no-fee permit from the city.

If you’re a renter?

Typically, as a renter in Brentwood, tree removal is not your responsibility unless the requirement is included in the terms of your lease or rental agreement. If you have a dead or hazardous tree on your rental property, contact your landlord to determine who should take care of the removal. In some gated communities, the HOA board is responsible for maintenance and tree removal.

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord who is the owner of a rental property, tree removal is usually your responsibility. However, if HOA regulations have other provisions, you may have the option to leave the responsibility to your HOA board.

If you’re a neighbor?

While California law prevents you from cutting a tree on your neighbor’s property, there are actions you can take regarding hazardous trees. For instance, you can trim branches that extend onto your property, as long as trimming doesn’t adversely affect the tree. Additionally, the city might require your neighbor to trim or cut a tree under certain conditions including:

  • The tree is diseased or hazardous
  • The tree interferes with a fire zone
  • Trees that exceed height limits or block a neighbor’s view

If a tree has already fallen, debris cleanup on your property is typically your responsibility. However, if you can prove your neighbor neglected the tree or knew it was hazardous, your neighbor may be responsible for damages and removal. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Brentwood?

The soil in Brentwood is alkaline and the high soil pH can affect some types of trees. Alkaline soils make it more difficult for trees to access nutrients in the soil and permanently changing the soil’s pH is impossible. This is why the city recommends that residents plant trees that are known to thrive in alkaline soils. Nutrient starved trees show symptoms of yellowing and wilting leaves and poor growth.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Brentwood?

While beautiful sunny weather can be good for tree growth, drought is the major weather culprit that affects Brentwood trees. Drought-tolerant tree species often thrive as they reach maturity but many seedlings and adolescent trees require consistent watering in Brentwood’s dry climate. During times of severe drought, trees can experience sun scorch and declining health. This decline makes trees more vulnerable to pests and diseases that can result in premature tree death.

Besides the direct effects of drought, owner maintenance in drought-prone areas can result in tree health issues that many individuals are unaware of. Lawns in Brentwood often require routine watering on a daily basis. Overwatering drought-tolerant tree species can result in issues related to poorly drained soil, like root rot.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Brentwood?

Only line clearance-qualified contractors with special training and insulated tools are legally allowed to work near power lines. Working near power lines can lead to serious injury or even death. If you need to hire a tree worker for other work on your property, always hire a qualified tree care service like Tree Triage. Pacific Gas & Electric Energy workers inspect approximately 100,000 miles of transmission and distribution power lines each year. To report a tree that represents an electrical hazard, contact PG&E for further guidance. The company maintains trees along distribution lines and can arrange a temporary shut-off for you to safely maintain trees near your supply line.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Brentwood?

Tree removal costs in Brentwood can vary widely depending on the size of the tree and how long the job takes. The average price of tree removal in Brentwood is around $1,000, but your total could be as low as $200 or as high as $2,000. This cost generally covers labor and supplies required for removal. Other costs that aren’t typically included in your price quote are sales tax costs and inspection costs. While an average cost will give you an idea of tree removal cost, there are some factors that will alter the price.

Stump Grinding or Root Removal

There are many reasons that Brentwood homeowners decide to have the stump removed along with the tree. For instance, street trees must be replaced upon removal and the remaining stump could get in the way. Stumps that remain in your yard can present a tripping hazard. If you need a tree removed due to invasive roots, you’ll likely want the roots removed as well. Root removal requires that we use specialized tools and spend additional time that could increase your price.

Tree Replacement

Although the city of Brentwood requires street trees to be replaced, the cost of a new tree won’t be included in your removal price. If you’re required to replace the tree out-of-pocket, it will be in addition to your tree removal cost.

Commercial Landscape Ordinances

Commercial landscapes in Brentwood are required to include shade trees. Additional maintenance requirements are also included to protect these trees and keep them healthy. While our team is happy to take care of your commercial tree removal, the procedure might include complications due to structures, fences, walls, or planters. To avoid damage to the structures surrounding your trees, our team may be required to use specialized equipment and extend the amount of time required for the project.


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