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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Tempe?

Asian citrus psyllid aka ACP is a nasty little bug that is fast-moving. It causes citrus greening disease, which is hard to detect, and it will kill citrus trees within about two years. The ACP bug has been found in Arizona and local researchers and officials are watching the citrus trees for signs of the disease. They are also working on possible genetic pesticides to protect the trees. If your citrus fruit stays green or the leaves yellow, that may be a sign that a tree checkup is in order. 

Another common issue for trees in Tempe is Aleppo pine blight. The first sign that your pine has this disease is when the ordinarily green needles turn grey before turning brown. This often occurs around November, but the needles remain on the tree and do not drop until summer, during their regular drop season. Most researchers believe the cause is due to extreme temperature fluctuations in Tempe around that time. Fall in Arizona can be as high as 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and drop to the low 50s at night. If caught in time, the tree can most likely recover, but it may need a new watering schedule. 

Bark beetles are another bug you don’t want anywhere near your trees. These tiny insects are only about the size of a grain of rice, but they can do some heavy damage. They tunnel their way between the bark and the wood of the conifer tree in Arizona. If your tree has bark beetles, the leaves or needles will change color. They will be tan like straw or red. If the tree is weak or stressed, it is more susceptible to beetles. 

Another issue is heart rot fungus. Tempe has a lot of queen palms that can grow very wide and tall. These trees can become infected with heart rot which comes in through a crack or damage in the tree. This type of rot can be very contagious and if tree trimmers do not disinfect their blades or climbing spikes, they can inadvertently spread the fungus. Heart rot causes the wood in the center of the trunk to decay. As the center hollows, the tree becomes unstable and dangerous.

Many tree diseases affect the health and stability of trees in Tempe. If a tree changes in color, the leaves or needles become too dry, or you notice any unusual growth, it’s a good idea to ask our experts for help. You can contact us at Tree Triage if you suspect your tree is having problems. 

Does the City of Tempe Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Tempe has two primary ordinances for trees. The first concerns the types of trees developers are allowed to plant and the process they need to go through. The second ordinance concerns street trees that Tempe plants and maintains. These are often seen along the side of the roads. 

Any trees on private property are considered private, and the homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and/or removal. If the tree hangs over or impedes the use of common areas like sidewalks, the homeowner is responsible for trimmings. If the City of Tempe considers the tree a safety risk, they will send a notice in the mail. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Tempe?

In Tempe, the homeowner is responsible for a fallen tree that lands on their property. In most cases, they are also responsible for trees that fall in their neighbor’s yard. If a fallen tree causes property damage, the insurance company of the damaged property usually takes responsibility if the damage was due to bad weather or an unforeseen event. If the tree fell due to neglect, the homeowner will be held liable for the damage.

In some cases where a tree has fallen from private property onto a city street, restricting access, the city may step in to help with removal. We often see this after large storms. If the homeowner had previously been warned about the tree, they might be billed for the tree removal expenses.

If you’re a homeowner?

Tempe, Arizona homeowners are responsible for all their property, including fallen trees. The good news is that most homeowners insurance policies will cover at least part of the removal cost. The state gets hit really hard during the monsoon season and many insurance agencies look at the tree’s health before giving you a policy. This means they are more likely to pay the cost of removal should the otherwise healthy tree fall. 

If you’re a renter?

If you rent in the City of Tempe, you will not need to pay for a tree that has fallen. You are not the owner of the property and you are not the insurance policyholder. It is, however, your responsibility to inform your landlord as soon as possible. It may also be a good idea, depending on the damage, to take pictures and notes. 

If you’re a landlord?

All tree maintenance in Tempe falls on the shoulders of the person or company that owns the property. This includes trees that are diseased, overgrown, or fallen. It also includes citrus trees infested with roof rats that the landlord would also need to address. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Does your neighbor have a large tree that keeps you up at night? What happens if it falls on your property? If the tree falls in your yard but causes no damage, they are likely responsible for the cost of removal. However, if the tree lands on any part of your home or car, you will have to call your homeowners insurance provider. They will have to come out and make a report to decide the cause of the fallen tree. If negligence is suspected and proven, they will likely dispute with the neighbors or the neighbor’s insurance. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Tempe?

The hot, dry climate means that Arizona soil is very alkaline and contains a lot of clay. While many trees can and do grow well in hard soil, the roots can be damaged by soil compaction. When the clay is too dry and shrinks too much, it can cut off circulation to the roots. It can also cause the water from rain to sit on top or run off quickly. Compacted clay is one of the reasons for flash flooding. According to the National Weather Service, flash flooding can tear out trees. It is recommended to have large trees serviced annually to help reduce risk to people or property.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Tempe?

Temperature is a common issue in Tempe. Few places on the planet get as hot or dry as Arizona during the summer months. It is not unusual to have triple-digit temperatures from May to September. The high heat, along with the dry climate, can wreak havoc on trees. Even drought-resistant trees that are native to Arizona are at risk. Each plant is different, making it important to know how often to water each species to avoid heat damage. 

Another weather-related tree problem in Tempe is the Monsoon Season. These storms typically start in June and bring with it at least half of Arizona’s annual rainfall. It also brings flash flooding, severe lightning storms, and a mile-high wall of dust called a haboob. These storms often happen in the late afternoon and evening. Many trees are partially uprooted during flash flooding; others are struck by lightning. The high winds are responsible for many fallen trees. Damaged trees due to the monsoon often create hazardous conditions and roadblocks, requiring immediate removal by trained experts. 

Arizona also experiences a lot of fires. This is especially true in the higher elevations, as summer is also wildfire season. These fires are due to the heat, dry weather conditions, and lighting strikes. When lightning hits a tree in Tempe, it can start a fire dangerously close to your home. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Tempe?

If a tree or a dead tree is near a power line, it is the property owner’s responsibility to cut back or remove the tree. The power company and the City of Tempe will not reroute the lines to keep you and your neighbors safe. Instead, you will need to remove the danger, which in this case is the tree. Having the tree removed will also help prevent damage and power outages.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Tempe?

Removing a tree can be a dangerous job, and that can make it costly. The average price for our tree removal services in Tempe ranges between $270 to $1,200 per tree. This is because there are a lot of factors to consider before a tree is cut down. Some factors that increase price are:

Tree Location

Most people don’t think about tree trimming and maintenance when they plant the tree. However, 30 years later, when a diseased 40-foot palm needs to be removed, location is everything. If the tree is easy to get to, it will cost less than a tree that backs up to a closed, narrow canal. If a crane needs to be rented for the day, that will increase the price. In some cases, a road will need to be closed off during the job.

Size and Height

It goes without saying that the bigger the tree is, the more you’ll end up paying to remove it in Arizona. Taller trees come with extra contributing factors and risks in Tempe. This is because the homes and neighboring properties are close together. A 60-foot tree could affect several houses or a business. 

  • Average cost for 20-foot tree removal: $200 to $360
  • Average cost for 40-foot tree removal: $400 to $780
  • Average cost for 60-foot tree removal: $600 to $1120
  • Average cost for 80-foot tree removal: $800 to $1460

Another point about size is waste removal. The tree may need to be hauled away in multiple truckloads. 

The Crew Size

Some tree removal projects may take more people. If someone has to direct traffic while three of our specialists cut down the tree, you will end up paying more. If you need to have the electric company secure any power lines, that will also cost you. You may pay more depending on the time you need us to come out for the job. It is best to plan ahead for tree removal in Tempe, but it could easily cost a couple of thousand dollars if an emergency happens.


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