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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Russellville?

Red Oak Borer

Oak tree mortality is one of the most common tree issues in Russellville. The invasion of the red oak borer has affected at least 350,000 acres of oak trees in the forests alone. The massive attacks tend to occur in the woods rather than in urban settings. The attacks are mainly due to the lack of distance between each tree.

While the red oak borer is usually known to attack the red oaks, new observations have emerged showing that they are now attacking white oaks. Propagated by the longhorn beetle, these attacks rarely cause instant tree death, but a massive attack may kill the already weakened trees. If you notice fine frass and holes in the bark of a tree or two, you are encouraged to call our professional tree removal specialists for expert intervention.

Maple Anthracnose

Maple Anthracnose is another common tree disease in Russellville that mainly affects its red and sugar maple tree population. The fungi responsible for the condition reside in the twigs, buds, and leaves during winter. In spring, the spores are dispersed by wind and rain, spreading the disease to other maple trees. Although it does not lead to quick tree death, the tree weakens and becomes susceptible to other diseases and pest infestation. Symptoms to look out for include brown patches on the leaf margins and primary veins.

Fortunately, the trees can be salvaged, but only if appropriate action is taken swiftly. For smaller trees or other infected trees that are harboring other diseases, chemical treatment is required. If you suspect that your maple trees have been affected, call Tree Triage for accurate diagnosis and intervention.

Laurel Wilt Disease

Another major tree issue that residents of Russellville have to contend with is the Laurel Wilt Disease. This invasive disease is spread by the Redbay Ambrosia Beetle, a non-local pest from Asia.  As the name suggests, the disease affects trees in the laurel family, including the sassafras tree found in Russellville. The tree is highly cherished for its medicinal and aromatic properties and is a favorite in many home gardens. 

If you notice droopy reddish leaves or a wilting crown on the tree, try peeling off the bark to check for infestation. You may find holes created by the beetle in the sapwood.

Since infected trees can spread the disease fast, tree removal is the most recommended solution. Engaging our tree removal services will ensure effective disposal of the affected trees on-site to avert the movement of beetles to other trees.

These are some of the common tree issues in Russellville that you should look out for. If you notice any mentioned symptoms on your trees, contact our tree professionals to help you find the best and safest way to treat or remove the tree.  

Does the City of Russellville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Trees form an integral part of the landscapes in Russellville, providing food, shade, and recreational facilities, among other benefits. Through permits, the local authorities can monitor, conserve, and enforce tree protection and removal laws, but they don’t assist in their removal if they are on private property.

You need a permit if:

  • You are removing a tree whose roots can impact utility lines
  • You are removing a large tree 10 feet and above 

You do not need a permit for:

  • Removing a tree on private property smaller than 10 feet
  • Removing a tree damaged by accident, disease, or bad weather 

If your tree removal project requires a permit, fill in the form online for approval. You can also reach out to the Planning and Development department on 479- 968-2098 for more information on tree removal in Russellville. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Russellville?

Generally, a homeowner is responsible for clearing fallen trees on their private property. Proper demarcated boundaries provide you the liberty to undertake a tree removal project at your own time and expense. However, different scenarios may cause disputes over who should clear a fallen tree. 

Let’s look at different scenarios that may arise.

If You’re a Homeowner?

A homeowner is expected to undertake tree removal activity on their property. As permits are not needed for most common removals, this can be a pretty easy task if you engage our professionals. If you have taken up a homeowners’ insurance policy, check whether they can make a full or partial payment for unique events such as tree falling due to bad weather. 

If You’re a Renter?

As a renter, you cannot undertake tree removal activities unless you have explicit permission from the owner. Your landlord is responsible for clearing any hazardous materials on their rental property. However, you should notify your landlord if such a scenario arises and give them a reasonable time limit to remove the fallen tree. 

If they decline to take the necessary action, you may engage law enforcement since you have a right to enjoy a rental space free of any hazards. 

Keep in mind that you have a responsibility to take care of the property surrounding the rental space, such that the tree does not fall as a direct result of your irresponsible actions. Safety is your responsibility, and taking up renters’ insurance can help you cater for damages caused by a fallen tree.

If You’re a Landlord?

One of the responsibilities of a landlord is to keep their property free of any health or building violations. A fallen tree can cause damage to rental property, making it inhabitable for your renters. It is, therefore, the landlord’s duty to make sure it is removed before any hazards occur.

To avoid disputes with tenants, a landlord should discuss the target timeline that the fallen tree would be cleared and follow through on their promise. If the conflict escalates, you can contact the Landlords Association of Arkansas on 870-919-1881 for further assistance.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Typically, when the tree falls on your neighbor’s property, it becomes their responsibility to remove it. However, this only applies if the tree was felled by an act of nature such as a severe storm. If your negligence led to the fallen tree, your neighbor would not be held liable.

A friendly discussion on how to take care of the fallen tree among neighbors is the best compromise, as a lawsuit can get expensive for both parties. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Russellville?

There is no denying the effects that soil can have on the growth and well-being of plant life. Its composition can determine if the tree gets enough resources to develop and remain healthy.

The good thing is that the City of Russellville is located in the river valley, which gives it a rich mineral soil composition. Types of alluvium soil dominate the landscape, including terrace alluvium, floodplain alluvium, and colluvium. Alluvial soils mainly consist of gravel, clay, sand, silt, and accumulated organic matter making them fertile for the growth of diverse tree species. 

Slow drainage of the soils allows for good moisture levels, while the mountainous regions consist mainly of clod drier soils. River Birch, Bald, and Pond cypress grow along the river while oaks, pines, and fir trees thrive best in the hilly regions due to their long root systems. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Russellville?

Russellville experiences short wet and very cold winters. The summers are often hot and muggy, with high humidity levels. Occasional freezing conditions usually occur. While they might not cause massive damage, consistent recurrences may leave trees and shrubs susceptible to other infestations and diseases. Severe thunderstorms also happen in this area, accompanied by strong wind gusts that break and bring down trees. In turn, this causes high tree-related property damage. 

Tornadoes are also significant contributors to tree damage in Russellville. The City is considered a high-risk tornado area, leaving tree populations at risk of permanent damage. Flooding along the Arkansas River can also create conditions for tree damage.

Although most tree species in the area are adapted to flooding conditions, prolonged flooding can weaken the root systems by washing away the topsoil. The exposed roots are left susceptible to pest infestation, disease, freezing, drying, and eventual death. All these examples show the weather’s significant impact on tree health in Russellville.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Russellville?

Dead trees near power lines can cause power outages and personal harm if the situation is not handled professionally. If you come across a dead tree near a power line, we recommend that you first stand at a safe distance. Do not attempt to move the tree even on your private property. 

Make an emergency call to Entergy Arkansas, LLC at 1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-3749). They will provide professional services by removing the dead tree to ensure your community’s safety.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Russellville?

Tree removal costs in Russellville can get hefty fast. The average cost ranges between $280- $2,200 per tree, with an average of $675. The prices can vary depending on different factors, which include:

Height and Weight

Costs vary for trees with different heights and weights. A tree under 10 feet in height and 6 inches in diameter can cost an average of $200. A medium tree under 25 feet may cost about $800. A large tree under 65 feet can cost well in excess of  $1,500.  


A fallen tree on the ground may cost significantly less to remove than a tree that landed on a house or the power lines. Ease of access to the tree affects the time taken to complete the project, affecting overall costs. Also, specialized equipment, cutting techniques, and labor may be required to enhance safety.  

Additional Services

Services rendered for a fallen tree as a result of severe weather have a simple scope. If the tree is pest-infested or affected by a disease, you may need extra services to either treat or prune the other trees on your property to avert further infection. 

Every situation that needs tree removal is different, and as you’ve seen, the cost of tree removal can vary greatly, depending on each one. You might also incur other costs, such as the cost of acquiring a permit, which we include in the overall package price.


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