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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Bella Vista?

Some of the most common tree issues in Bella Vista are fungal diseases. While some fungal foliar diseases attack the leaves of your tree and are mostly harmless and merely unsightly, some fungal diseases affect the stems and roots and can be deadly to your tree. The prevalence of fungal issues is greatly influenced by the weather, making them difficult to prevent and control.

Fungal Foliar Diseases

Fungal foliar diseases typically affect the most succulent and sensitive parts of your tree, places where there is new growth. While fungal foliar diseases are more unsightly than dangerous to your tree, they can be difficult to contain as the fungi are spread rapidly by wind, rain, insects, and animal or human touch.

Fungal Stem and Root Diseases

Fungal stem and root diseases pose a severe risk to the health of your trees. Several types of fungi inhabit the surface of your tree and usually remain harmless, but occasionally, they penetrate the surface through natural or man-made wounds. While they usually only cause issues when the tree is under stress, some aggressively attack trees, causing the loss of branches and, eventually, the tree.

Most of the diseases that affect tree roots are also fungal. Fungal infections that affect a tree’s root system are usually lethal as the disease impacts the tree’s ability to absorb moisture and minerals. Weakened root systems also leave the tree more susceptible to insect infestations, which further stress the tree and negatively impact its health.

Native and Non-Native Insects

Along with the many pathogens found throughout the Bella Vista area, there is an incredible number of insects that impact the health of our trees. While most pathogens and insects typically pose little threat to your trees, they can severely harm unhealthy or stressed trees. Calling on our arborists to assess the health of your trees and keep them stress-free can minimize damage from pathogens and native and non-native insects and pests.

Does the City of Bella Vista Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Bella Vista first qualified as a Tree City USA in 2018 by creating a viable tree management program. The city’s tree management program includes:

  • The establishment of a tree board.
  • The adoption of a city-wide tree care ordinance.
  • A commitment of at least $2 per capita to an annual community forestry budget.
  • The hosting of an Arbor Day observance with an official proclamation.

The city provides several resources to help residents manage their trees, including tree giveaways, and is committed to maintaining the health of the community’s trees. The city of Bella Vista and the Bella Vista Property Owners Association share responsibility for tree maintenance and removal of trees from public property, with the city responsible for public trails and the POA maintaining and operating recreation facilities, RV parks, private trails, lakes, and golf courses.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Bella Vista?

Tree removal from private property in Bella Vista is the responsibility of the property owner. Bella Vista city ordinances provide a framework for maintaining trees on private property, including processes that require the removal of dead or hazardous trees that are unsafe and a nuisance.

If you’re a homeowner?

If you’re a homeowner in Bella Vista and a tree falls on your property, or a standing tree is removed, you are responsible for any costs associated with the tree removal. Any property damage that occurs from a tree on your property falling is also the homeowner’s responsibility. Homeowner insurance policies vary greatly, and while some may not reimburse you for tree removal if a fallen tree causes property damage, removal is often included with other claimed damages.

Bella Vista’s city ordinances also enable the Community Development Services Department to determine if a tree on public or private property is a hazard and a nuisance. The city defines a hazardous tree as being “diseased, damaged, decayed or located so as to be dangerous to public safety, health or welfare“.

When the Community Development Services Department orders the removal of a tree on private property, the city must follow procedure and notice requirements before removing the tree. If notice is given and the hazardous tree remains, the city will remove it but hold the property owner responsible for removal costs.

If you’re a renter?

If you’re a renter in Bella Vista, the owner or manager of the property is responsible for tree removal and maintenance. Landlords are not typically accountable for tenant property damage, so if a tree damages your property, you may be able to file a claim with your renter’s insurance. In some cases, the property owner may have insurance for damages caused by “an act of God”, such as a severe storm knocking a large branch or tree onto your car.

While healthy trees can sometimes cause damage, typically, the most hazardous trees suffer from a disease or pest infestation, are dying, or already dead. As a renter, if you see a tree that you believe is potentially hazardous, you should make sure the landlord and city are aware of the situation. It’s always a good idea to take photos of a dangerous tree or a fallen tree that has done property damage because it will be easier to hold your landlord liable with evidence that the tree was unhealthy.

If you’re a landlord?

If you’re a landlord in Bella Vista, you are responsible for tree removal on your property, similar to a homeowner. You are responsible for maintaining trees on your property and ensuring that they aren’t diseased, damaged, or decaying in a manner that would cause them to become a nuisance or hazard. You could also be held liable for property damage caused by a branch or tree. As a landlord, it is critical to be aware of the health of the trees on your property to limit your liability and maintain good management-tenant relations.

If you’re a neighbor?

Tree removal among neighbors can be tricky at times. Typically, if a tree is on the property line, both parties are responsible for maintenance and would have to agree to the removal. You have the right to trim branches and limbs from a neighbor’s tree that overhangs your property, but care should be taken to maintain the tree’s health and relations with your neighbor.

The removal of branches or trees that fall on your property is your responsibility, even if they come from a neighbor’s tree. If property damage is involved, contact your insurance company, as well as your neighbors.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Bella Vista?

The Bella Vista area is known for its diverse landscape and soil conditions. Bella Vista gets a little more than the US average for precipitation, with an average of 47 inches of rain and 11 inches of snow each year. Rainfall and an abundance of rivers, streams, and lakes in the area provide ample moisture, while geology characterized by natural underground drainage systems creates ideal conditions for a wide range of trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Bella Vista?

In Bella Vista, the winters can be cold, but the summers are usually hot and muggy. The hot and humid conditions can increase the chances of your tree acquiring a disease or pest infestation, and a harsh winter or sudden cold snap can stress your tree and impact its growth.

While the Bella Vista area is not known for tornadoes, severe weather conditions that can affect your trees do happen. Severe thunderstorms and high winds are not uncommon, and tropical storms or hurricanes originating in the Gulf of Mexico can also impact the area, creating conditions that bring down trees and branches.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Bella Vista?

Dead or diseased trees near power lines can quickly become a critical issue. A dead branch or tree over a power line can interrupt power and become a hazard for anyone in the vicinity. Carroll Electric provides power to Bella Vista and is responsible for tree removal on their property. Additionally, they have the right to trim branches that could interfere with electricity transmission to the community.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Bella Vista?

Removing a tree in Bella Vista can cost anywhere between $300 and $2,000, as it involves various factors that make each removal unique, impacting the total cost.

Tree Size

Probably the most apparent cost factor is the size of the tree. A relatively small tree can often be removed by one of our smaller teams in a short amount of time, while a towering oak reaching nearly 100 feet in the air will require more time and labor to ensure the safety of people and property.


Whether large or small, the location of the tree will affect the removal cost. We can typically remove even a large tree in an open area with ease, but trees close to structures or utility lines present inherent risks. Removal of a tree that can damage property requires knowledge and skill, and often, additional personnel and equipment.

Required Equipment

While some tree removals are relatively straightforward, others require the use of added equipment. Removing a large tree or a tree that poses a hazard often requires us to bring in a bucket or lift truck to safely remove branches and the tree, adding to the removal cost.


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