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What Are The Most Common Tree Issues In Huntsville?

Disease and Pests 

Like other living organisms, trees become sick. Unfortunately, they cannot talk, but they show signs of illness. A sick tree is problematic for several reasons. First, it can infect other trees on your property, causing further damage. Second, the tree may slowly deteriorate, fall on your property, drop large branches, and cause injuries. 

Various diseases can afflict the trees in your compound. For example, Pitch Canker is a common fungal disease among pine trees across Alabama. The tree generally thins at the crown, and the needles turn yellow, brown, or grey. Cankers (dead tissue) also develop along the bole and branches. Generally, when your tree changes its usual color, foliage, resin, and development rate, you’ll want to eliminate it. 

Pests and invasive species are other common reasons for removing trees in your compound. When pests and invasive species affect a tree, they often cause disease and deterioration. It’s advisable to hire our tree removal specialists in Huntsville for disease and pests inspection before mitigation measures. 


When a tree outlives its time, it rots slowly and dies. A dying tree loses its strength and cannot support swings and other structures. Branches may break off when pressure and weight are applied to them. Parts of the tree may also break off unexpectedly and injure neighbors and pedestrians. 


Another reason for tree removal in Huntsville is transferring it. Beautiful trees that hold special memories are precious. Transplanting the tree in your new yard is an excellent way to preserve the tree and your memories. Unfortunately, since a tree grows in place and develops into a large plant, you may not know how to move it. 

Our professional arborists help you relocate the tree and transplant it healthily. Schedule the transfer before winter to reduce the transplanting shock and increase chances of survival. In winter, trees become dormant, which helps them reduce water and photosynthesis needs. 

Construction and Safety Issues 

It’s best to remove a tree growing near buildings. Generally, construction professionals advise on safe distances to plant trees or build homes on properties with trees. Tree roots spread out and penetrate building foundations. Tree roots can interfere with the foundation causing leakages, settling, and collapse of buildings. The tree may also grow tall or wide enough to touch power lines. Electrical issues could mean power interruption, fire hazards, and electrocution. 

Landscape Renovation 

When you move into a new home, you’ll want to improve your landscape by removing old trees and planting new ones. A landscape upgrade in your current home may also require old tree removal and new trees. Sometimes, tree removal eliminates obstructions to natural light and beautiful sunrises and sunsets you wish to enjoy. 

Natural Disasters 

Natural disasters in Huntsville such as tornadoes, floods, wildfire, storms, strong winds, and drought destroy trees or turn them into hazards. Removing trees is an excellent way to prevent them from collapsing on your home or catching fire when a drought or wildfire begins. 

Does The City of Huntsville Provide Any Assistance In Tree Removal Problems?

Generally, the laws in Alabama are not exhaustive when it comes to tree removal. This is mainly because trees on private property are the owner’s responsibility. However, the Urban Forestry & Horticulture division in Huntsville handles planting, caring, and removing trees. Residents can contact the city arborist to organize the removal of trees in public areas that have turned into potential hazards. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Huntsville?

If you’re a homeowner?

As the homeowner in Huntsville, tree removal is your responsibility. You should hire our professional arborists to ensure the safe removal of any tree in your compound. 

If you’re a renter?

If you’re a renter, your contract may not allow you to alter anything on the property. However, the lease agreement may also not provide for the removal of dead trees. We suggest contacting your landlord and making a request to have the dead tree removed. Write a letter to explain how the dead tree affects your safety and landscape. If you warn the landlord, they could be liable for any damage the tree causes to you.

However, if your lease agreement allows you to maintain the property and make alterations, contact our arborists. As a rule of thumb, contact your landlord first to avoid liabilities and property maintenance costs. 

If you’re a landlord?

As the landlord and property owner, the maintenance of the grounds, including tree removal, is your responsibility. If a tenant reports a dead tree, seek our tree removal services immediately to get the job done safely.

If you’re a neighbor?

You cannot remove a tree from your neighbor’s property without their knowledge. According to the Alabama Code Title 35, removing a tree, dead or not, without your neighbor’s consent is an offense. What’s more, if found liable, you have to compensate your neighbor for damages. 

However, if the dead tree is a nuisance or a danger to you, your family, and your property, ask your neighbor to remove it. If your neighbor ignores your pleas, seek legal advice. Generally speaking, your neighbor has a responsibility to you. You can resolve with a mediator, and if damage occurs, you can bring a claim. 

How Does The Soil Affect Trees In Huntsville?

The soil characteristics influence the health of your trees in Huntsville. The drainage, nutrients, soil pH, and soil structure affect tree growth. 

Soil Saturation: Soil structure affects the drainage of your soil and determines how your tree roots absorb water and oxygen. Your tree roots need oxygen, and without it, tree development slows. If the soil around the tree is saturated with water, the pore spaces between soil particles thin and reduce the oxygen content available in the ground. With a limited oxygen supply, trees grow slower, sustain injuries, and may die if the conditions are prolonged. 

Soil pH: Most plants thrive between a soil pH of 6.0 and 6.5 because most nutrients are available for absorption. If the soil pH is higher or lower than this range, it may be advisable to add limestone to raise pH or sulfur to lower the pH. 

Nutrients: Trees need minerals absent from the soil to thrive. You can provide these nutrients by adding fertilizer to the soil. Before adding fertilizer, it’s essential to test your soils and know the type of fertilizer you need and in what amounts. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Huntsville?

The weather in Huntsville affects the health of your trees. Generally, trees will adapt to changing seasons. Huntsville has warm summers and cool winters. Precipitation is evenly distributed across the year, which is great for trees and other plants. If it’s dry and your trees don’t have adequate water, they may dry up and shed leaves. If it’s too wet and the saturation is high, the tree roots don’t get enough oxygen and deteriorate. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines In Huntsville?

Dead trees are dangerous for power lines because they can bring down the wires and cut the power supply. If the dead tree cuts a wire, it can cause electrical hazards. Because electricity lines are hazardous, it’s vital to contact your power provider. The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) provides that utility companies inspect and repair their utility systems. Part of the repair and maintenance includes the removal and trimming of trees near power lines. Contact your utility company to resolve the issue. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Huntsville?

The cost of tree removal varies depending on several factors. The best way to understand the cost of tree removal in Huntsville is to contact us for a quote.

Hazard Level

Tree removal is fairly easy for small trees. However, as the tree grows in height, size, and age, the risk of removal increases. For example, when working on a dead tree, our workers faces more risk. The branches or tree could fall at any time and cause injury. If a dead tree is unstable, equipment such as cranes is necessary to bring it down. The use of more equipment means higher costs. 

The cost of tree removal also increases as the height increases. The risk of a fall accident is higher for workers operating at higher levels. Tall trees may also require cranes to access top branches safely. Even if traditional methods are used, it’s harder to bring down large branches to the ground. The complexity and difficulty of tree removal increase with height, hence higher charges. 

Operational Costs 

We will need to bill you for the equipment needed to cut your tree, transport it to a dumping site, and travel back to your location. Some equipment may also require more operating fuel. Operational costs include the costs of machinery, transport, dumping, fuel, operation, and insurance.

Inclement Weather 

Heavy precipitation, strong winds, and slippery surfaces are complex and risky to operate in. As such, it costs more to remove a tree in unpredictable and unfavorable weather conditions. It’s best to schedule tree inspections and maintenance with us when the weather is friendly.


The time it takes to complete a tree removal job in Huntsville affects the final cost. It takes more time and money to remove multiple trees, tall trees, and large trees. It also takes more time to remove trees that have knots and twists or close to a building. Our crew has to take extra precautions as they cut and swings tree parts to prevent injury or property damage.

Stump Removal and Clean Up 

Stump removal from the ground is a separate service. It requires different tools to eliminate roots and restore your yard. You can also ask our arborist to cut the tree into firewood, clean the remaining wood shavings and remove all leaves.


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